EB Games Canada Offering Mario Kart 8 Pre-Order Bonus

Blue Shells — Ruining friendships since 1996. EB Games of Canada (owned by GameStop) is now offering exclusive pre-order bonus posters to fans who pre-order upcoming Wii U racing title Mario Kart 8.

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randomass171746d ago

Well now. This pleases me quite a lot. :)

Neonridr746d ago

sweet deal. Preordered the game from there. If another site offers a better preorder deal I can always switch. Wishing that EB Games / Gamestop had the Blue Shell Statue that the UK got in a collector's edition a-la Wind Waker.

randomass171746d ago

Chances are we'll be able to get the blue shells on eBay for $50 a half year down the line. I should know, I bought the 3DS game case treasure chest for Zelda for around that much not long ago.

Neonridr746d ago

it's nice being able to get it all at the same time, without having to drop the extra money on it.

randomass171746d ago

Definitely. Wish they would do the blue shell trophy west side. They've only announced it for UK and Australia I think. They have something for Japan and this for Canada. So far nothing for United States.

ScubaSteve1746d ago

so where is our preorder bonus for NOA

randomass171745d ago

Zilch for now. :( Hopefully they will announce it soon though.

mochachino745d ago (Edited 745d ago )

I was really excited for this game, it's wained because I doubt Nintendo will make the online what it needs to be to make this a smash hit and more importantly, an incredible social game that has moved away from couch competitors.

Fingers crossed Nintendo doesn't drop the ball. Deep online, lots of games modes, parties, tourney's, leagues, racing teams, chat, etc. is needed imo.

Skate-AK745d ago

It's been confirmed there is no voice chat.

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