8 Things We'd Like to See From a Tomb Raider Sequel

J Station X writes

"Around these parts, we’re just a bit fond of Tomb Raider, the origins story that was released to show Lara Croft as a green behind the ears explorer who was neither very good at killing, shooting or not getting herself torn to pieces by particularly pointy bits of metal. We like the gameplay, the characters and the world that is was set in and when I reviewed it a few months ago, I even thought that Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (the PS4 and Xbox One rerelease of the 2013 game) was a cracking title too.

Obviously, I want more of it and as I’m sure some sort of Yamatai prophecy suggests, you probably do to so here’s a list of the 8 things that we’d like to see from a Tomb Raider sequel."

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-Foxtrot1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

"More Rhianna Pratchett"

Hopefully not, her voice acting didn't suite Lara at all in Tomb Raider, she sounded like a 15 year old girl at times and some of her lines came off as cringe worthy ("Oh I hate Tombs"). The screaming and yelling didn't do so well also, I mean it wouldn't be a problem if it was kept at a minimal but with it happening so much she just didn't suite the role at all. They need to get someone that sounds more confident and sounds like a young women, not a young girl.

"3. More Sam, Reyes and Jonah"

We really don't need more characters, Tomb Raider is about Lara and we don't need other characters to get in her way. I think in the next game her butler should be her "communication" guy in the next game which offers her advice and stuff from phone/radio

Honestly what we need to see in the next game is an actual Tomb Raider game and not (sorry to say) a more open Uncharted clone in terms of QTE, life threatening moments, massive action pieces, focus on third person shooting elements etc

The fact the Tombs were optional in Tomb Raider pretty much says it all really

randomass1711280d ago

The game was centered on a young and experienced Lara and she didn't anywhere close to a 15 year old. Her actress did a commendable job. If Lara is the only character then there may as well be no depth to the story at all. Your assessment on the optional tombs I'll concede to.

-Foxtrot1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

I never said she looked like one, I said she sounded like one. The voice acting for this game was bad when past Lara voice actresses have been pretty good.

I know she's young but she's supposed to sound like a young woman not a young girl. Some of the lines just sounded off and they would be better off getting a new voice actress.

It was a good game, but as a TOMB RAIDER games it was pretty bad, nothing in this game reminded me that I was playing a Tomb Raider game. It just seemed like a developer trying to one up the Uncharted formula.

" If Lara is the only character then there may as well be no depth to the story at all"

I never said she should be the ONLY character, I said they should reduce it to her, her butler and maybe a third character for the main characters. Villains are a different story altogether.

LKHGFDSA1280d ago

"The game was centered on a young and experienced Lara"
Yeah, WAS. The new one will be the full on ass-kicking Lara that we know and love from the PS1 era.

-Foxtrot1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Unfortunately I've made a massive booboo in my original post above and I've missed a paragraph out.

I was supposed to write about the script writer, Rhianna Pratchett first then after that paragraph start talking about the voice actress.

It seems I've missed the paragraph out, must of deleted it by accident, and it's looked like I'm referring to Rhianna Pratchett as the voice actress to Lara Croft.

I apologize, this is a massive mistake.

Matt6661280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Who is this "we" because in my opinion the only good Tomb Raiders are 1-3 if anything they should go back to how it was and improve it from there not completely change it

Farsendor11280d ago

Tomb Raider is different now that is called a remake. Things change, developers are different modern gaming has changed Tomb Raider and I personally love almost everything about the new Tomb Raider game.

People seem to want the same experiences as the old games, DMC is another example of this.

pretty sure the original tomb raider stuff is on steam,ps3,xbox 360.

KyRo1280d ago

Her voice suited the vulnerable Lara perfectly and the 'I hate Tombs' section would of been from a script. She was easily the best voice over of Lara since the beginning. She added emotion to the role while the others were pretty terrible at voice acting.

elninels1280d ago


"Uncharted clone"... dead on. Very fun, but it definitely followed the third person, epic adventure, set piece, always in danger yet invincible protagonist with one dimensional friends formula.. the same rules as an 80's action flick.

The optional tombs weren't even puzzling. They were an injustice to the name, but at least the game was fun.

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Derekvinyard131280d ago

It would be cool to see more different environments

randomass1711280d ago

Agreed. Maybe bring back the wacky elements of the rest of the series. I want to shoot down a T-Rex in the sequel.

MultiConsoleGamer1280d ago

Spot on. I agree with everything on the list.

_FantasmA_1280d ago

1. nudity
2. non linearity
3. hidden treasures
4. more animal enemies
5. food/survival element that affects stamina and health
6. no multiplayer at all or multiplayer done right
7. higher difficulty
8. nudity

randomass1711280d ago

Bah. Lara doesn't need to be nude. The new Lara demands respect, yo!

Dannycr1280d ago

What I would like to see is decent IA and engaging combat.

This game is faaaaar too easy (on highest difficulty) and the use of firearms is unnecessary entirely. You can resolve all situations with your bow. The IA is a disgrace: you shoot a bad guy and he comes running towards you and hide behind a tree that's right next to you. They are basically cannon fodder, then you get the guys with the shields and all you have to do is press dodge, then attack and they are done.

It's a shame cause the Bow is really fun to use, but the enemies are waaaay too dumb.

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