InFamous: Second Son: One of the best Comic Book Experiences Around

Sean Halliday writes:

''Last month saw the release of InFamous: Second Son on the PS4, and surprisingly it’s a big release that didn’t disappoint me, at least in terms of gameplay and content.

Second Son felt like a complete package and not a rushed game made to jump on the new generation as quick as it could. The weird thing about Second Son that I enjoyed the most was playing it as its own game, away from the past InFamous titles, and there’s a reason behind that.''

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mochachino1467d ago

Infamous SS would have been better if it had side missions with actual side story (kinda like GTA), they could have been told via comic book format too if too expensive.

GamerEuphoria1467d ago

Therre's Paper trail...but thats about it :(

i wish the game had a punk rock soundtrack too, it felt like the game was going for that tone

randomass1711466d ago

Could be worse. It could have been laid out with Justin Bieber and One Direction songs. :P

whybag1466d ago

It was always going for a grunge theme, Seattle, The Mudhoneys, and Dead Sara covering a Nirvana song.

CrossingEden1463d ago

Punk rock is definitely not the tone they were going all. Kinda confused about how you came to that conclusion. The characters could easily pass for the cast of a tv show about art university students. I go to uarts, so i see these kinda people everyday.

Derekvinyard131466d ago

Speaking of comic book games, you guys remember the darkness. Great game based off a comic book

GamerEuphoria1466d ago

We actually have a post on The darkness coming on the site next ^^ with a look at The Darkness 2 the following week. Both wonderful games

randomass1711466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

The Darkness I and II were awesome. The atmosphere and stories were really impactful. Great comic book games. :)

thorstein1466d ago

Telltale's Walking Dead is technically a comic book game!

SpinalRemains1381466d ago

I really enjoyed the game, but actually would have preferred sticking to one power.

The multiple trees and constant switching was just counter productive after a few hours.

Bring back lightning tether!

Skate-AK1466d ago

Still can't wait to play this game.