10 epic Shadow Of The Colossus moments

CVG Writes: "So, all you do is fell enormous beasts, one after the other. Not the most complicated of set-ups, yet Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most beautiful, heartbreaking and imaginative experiences on PS2."

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Mc Fadge3617d ago

It's truly one of the best, if not THE best, gaming experiences I've ever had. I simply can't wait for what Team ICO brings to the PS3!

Rock Bottom3617d ago

Awesome list, but I would add the ending with those, it was like :O.

NO_PUDding3617d ago

I am also eargerly awaiting another installment into the same universe hopefully from Team ICO.

The most beautiful experience on PS2?

I'd say the best moments I ahve ever spent gaming were while playing this game. And ICO.

Argh, I love those games. Sony's first party developers rock the world.

sonarus3616d ago

Sony needs to add this game as a psn download. This is without a doubt one of the best games in history. So simple yet so incredible. Every single colossus battle has its unique moments.

I am hopeful for a team ico announcement at TGS this yr. The game will probably be a next yr game and will only work to strengthen the PS3 line up for next yr

Bigbangbing3617d ago


Please Team ICO make a SOTC2 PS3 PLEASE!!!

Mc Fadge3617d ago

Their next title, coming to the PS3, is based on Norse mythology? I read it somewhere, don't know if it's confirmed or not, but that's what's been said :3

NO_PUDding3617d ago

McFadge, that was in a UK PlayStation magazine.

It was wrong. I was involved with a community and we suggested the early ICO 3 (placeholder name) screenshots were related to Fenrir a Norse mythological tale of a wolf tied to a pin, but it was all speculation.

And I doubt it anyway, becuase that too much like stealing.

I read an interview with Fumito Ueda, from May at the norse gaming convention, he is a great man. So humble unlike Miyamoto and Western developers. I am sure he'd would be flattered he has fans, but I think he wouldn't understand why.

1stKnighT3617d ago

Shadow of the Colossus 2 for the ps3 will definitely be a must buy. I just hope the bosses look different. Boss battles got a lil boring after awhile.

The Wood3617d ago

was the search for 'some' of the colossus as I got lost both times I flipped it. It was lonely but your right, its a must buy should they make it.

LastDance3617d ago

the whole game is 1 big great moment!! true art. Such an amazing game.

Bathyj3617d ago

I nearly cried when my horse didn't make the jump. Yeah I said it, CRIED !

Vojkan3617d ago


Yes that was sad, but we know he makes it so it is okey. People make fun of "Emotion Engine", that was name of PS2 proccesor, but if you think a little you can really see that there were a lot of games on PS2 where emotions were very strong. Like ICO or SOTC, part that you just mentioned.

Bathyj3617d ago

Ok, now I'm going to sound like a real skirt, but in ICO I never liked to run with Yorda, I would usually walk because the animation when you started running looked like it would hurt her shoulder.

Hey Yorda was a nice chick, I didn't want to hurt her.

LeonSKennedy4Life3617d ago

Team Ico is so good at that...

Physical emotion is a very strong thing...and they know that.

If they remade this same game with better graphics and released it on the PS3 today... would sell SO WELL, with the right marketing, of course.

NO_PUDding3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

I thought it was just me who did sad roleplayign like that.

I would also do that. Not cus it hurt her shoulder but becuase it was rude of me to be dragging her about.

HAHA, such a loser.

Nevermind, the game was well worth the time I invested.


Why a remake, when Team ICO are making a brand new PS3 game. And I think if you were to update the graphics for Shadow of the Colossus it woudl crush it. The crudeness of it really complimented the art style, and what an art style, it's the best art style I ahve ever seen in a game. EVER.

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