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Submitted by Dnarbeis 2815d ago | article

10 epic Shadow Of The Colossus moments

CVG Writes: "So, all you do is fell enormous beasts, one after the other. Not the most complicated of set-ups, yet Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most beautiful, heartbreaking and imaginative experiences on PS2." (PS2, Shadow of the Colossus)

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Mc Fadge  +   2815d ago
I love Shadow of the Colossus
It's truly one of the best, if not THE best, gaming experiences I've ever had. I simply can't wait for what Team ICO brings to the PS3!
Rock Bottom  +   2815d ago
Love Shadow
Awesome list, but I would add the ending with those, it was like :O.
NO_PUDding  +   2815d ago
I am also eargerly awaiting another installment into the same universe hopefully from Team ICO.

The most beautiful experience on PS2?

I'd say the best moments I ahve ever spent gaming were while playing this game. And ICO.

Argh, I love those games. Sony's first party developers rock the world.
sonarus  +   2814d ago
Sony needs to add this game as a psn download. This is without a doubt one of the best games in history. So simple yet so incredible. Every single colossus battle has its unique moments.

I am hopeful for a team ico announcement at TGS this yr. The game will probably be a next yr game and will only work to strengthen the PS3 line up for next yr
Bigbangbing  +   2815d ago

Please Team ICO make a SOTC2 PS3 PLEASE!!!
Mc Fadge  +   2815d ago
I believe
Their next title, coming to the PS3, is based on Norse mythology? I read it somewhere, don't know if it's confirmed or not, but that's what's been said :3
NO_PUDding  +   2815d ago
McFadge, that was in a UK PlayStation magazine.

It was wrong. I was involved with a community and we suggested the early ICO 3 (placeholder name) screenshots were related to Fenrir a Norse mythological tale of a wolf tied to a pin, but it was all speculation.

And I doubt it anyway, becuase that too much like stealing.

I read an interview with Fumito Ueda, from May at the norse gaming convention, he is a great man. So humble unlike Miyamoto and Western developers. I am sure he'd would be flattered he has fans, but I think he wouldn't understand why.
1stKnighT  +   2815d ago
Shadow of the Colossus 2 for the ps3 will definitely be a must buy. I just hope the bosses look different. Boss battles got a lil boring after awhile.
The Wood  +   2815d ago
my only boring part
was the search for 'some' of the colossus as I got lost both times I flipped it. It was lonely but your right, its a must buy should they make it.
LastDance  +   2815d ago
the whole game is 1 big great moment!! true art. Such an amazing game.
Bathyj  +   2815d ago
I nearly cried when my horse didn't make the jump. Yeah I said it, CRIED !
Vojkan  +   2815d ago

Yes that was sad, but we know he makes it so it is okey. People make fun of "Emotion Engine", that was name of PS2 proccesor, but if you think a little you can really see that there were a lot of games on PS2 where emotions were very strong. Like ICO or SOTC, part that you just mentioned.
Bathyj  +   2815d ago
Ok, now I'm going to sound like a real skirt, but in ICO I never liked to run with Yorda, I would usually walk because the animation when you started running looked like it would hurt her shoulder.

Hey Yorda was a nice chick, I didn't want to hurt her.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2815d ago
Team Ico is so good at that...

Physical emotion is a very strong thing...and they know that.

If they remade this same game with better graphics and released it on the PS3 today... would sell SO WELL, with the right marketing, of course.
NO_PUDding  +   2815d ago
I thought it was just me who did sad roleplayign like that.

I would also do that. Not cus it hurt her shoulder but becuase it was rude of me to be dragging her about.

HAHA, such a loser.

Nevermind, the game was well worth the time I invested.


Why a remake, when Team ICO are making a brand new PS3 game. And I think if you were to update the graphics for Shadow of the Colossus it woudl crush it. The crudeness of it really complimented the art style, and what an art style, it's the best art style I ahve ever seen in a game. EVER.
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The Wood  +   2815d ago
im yet to finish ico....
got lost....
Sheddi  +   2815d ago
i think im going to go and buy this game

reasons: it seems that it is a GREAT game, help the developers (with my money :P) and i like those kind of games.
Mc Fadge  +   2815d ago
You should
It really is an amazing game, any PS3 owner MUST play it.
Honolulu  +   2815d ago
Everyone should play this game, it's something completely different. :)

I don't think money is a problem for them since Team-ico is a first party developer, but the more people that buy and play team-ico's games the bigger the chance is they will create more awesomeness in the future.
ice_prophecy  +   2815d ago
Unfortunately I missed out on this title...

I might rent it out and see if I can borrow someone's ps2...
Vojkan  +   2815d ago
GamesBlow said that they (Team ICO)are working on 3 games if i remember correctly. One os definitely PSN game and he saw big PS3 game. He said water is used as main factor in game. He said a lot more but it was 6 months ago so iv forgot.
PR0NE  +   2814d ago
yawwnn, talking in third person...
Ace Ventura  +   2815d ago
It's coming to the PS3 too. (Sequel)
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Mc Fadge  +   2815d ago
Methinks it'll be a prequel to SotC or a sequel for Ico, seeing as it's set before Ico. Then again, they COULD put one between both of them
NO_PUDding  +   2815d ago
Shadow of the COlossus is giving you the backstory behind ICO, Ueda finally said, but he didn't say it becuase he alwasy wants people to make their own judgements on his games, and they have to work out what it's about.

We will never get answers about the Dormin, or the black figures (the same thing maybe).
aco  +   2815d ago
one of the best game I ever played on the ps2... and you can fell the beauty of this game when you play it... even if you had to get use to the control and the camera angel at first but when you get use to it, it is perfect...
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2815d ago
"And remember kids...each of you has your own guardian camera angel"

Sorry dude...had to say it.
madness  +   2815d ago
weird article...
8 of the 10 were 8 of the 16 bosses...
madness  +   2815d ago
7 of the 10 were 7 of the 16 bosses

check out the time trials for quick runs on youtube. those are amazing. they all can be beat in a few minutes.
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g3nkie  +   2815d ago
Could you imagine a Shadow of the Colossus on the PS3?
Defectiv3_Detectiv3  +   2815d ago
Thank god for Team Ico
SotC is one of the greatest games I've ever played, this game doesn't get enough love. Playing the game fills you with a sense of wonderment and excitement like the way great nintendo titles used to. This game is a must-have for any PS2 owner. Games like this remind me why I own a console.

I actually felt sad sending all those glorious beasts to their graves. The level of skill that was used to breath life into the colossi was truly amazing. Killing them felt like the equivelant of destroying an artistic masterpiece.

I can't wait for the next Team Ico project to come out on PS3. I'll be picking it up day one. Team Ico are hands down one of the best devs working in the industry today.
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Ali_The_Brit  +   2815d ago
another amazing playstation exlusive which to me shows why the Playstation has always been best for variety in games rather than the same old alien shooters road.
marcdz1  +   2815d ago
I just bought this game through Amazon. Due to this article. I never had a chance to play it. I can't wait to receive it.
shysun  +   2814d ago
A classic!
OgTheClever  +   2814d ago
Although I would agree with them that the battle with the flying duck boss was the most amazingly epic part of the game, something else that stands out for me was reaching the secret garden.

Not only did the climb appear seemingly impossible at first it was perhaps the fact that your stamina had to be built up to achieve it. I quite literally spent a week playing the game and travelling through the land on the hunt for white-tailed lizards. Some might argue that this becomes quite tedious (plus I didn't have the item that showed them on the map) but finding all of them made the experience so much more epic for me.

I know that there's a climbing glitch that doesn't cause you to lose stamina, but it was so satisfying when I finally reached the top of the wall legitimately so it most certainly stands as one of my greatest gaming moments, sitting up there with beating Sephiroth on Kingdom Hearts, finishing COD4 on veteran and actually getting to the end of a game for the first time (it was Spyro the Dragon and I was 8).

Overall I really consider SotC an experience more than a game and something that needs to be done on your own without looking at any videos or guides beforehand to get the most out of it.
animboo  +   2814d ago
team ico
hop something gets announce at e3
THWIP  +   2814d ago
This was a truly interesting and relevant article...
...3 YEARS ago. :o
Kain81  +   2814d ago
@the guy above me
SOTC is Timeless, Its not a Game its a EPIC TALE.
Only Noobs would deny it.
People like you are the reason why games like ICO, SotC, Beyond Good and Evil and Okami dont sell well.
THWIP  +   2813d ago
@ the guy/girl above me....
That's funny, considering I BOUGHT all of those well as Psychonauts..., and still OWN Ico and BG&E. I'm just pointing out that with all the praise, and press coverage this game got when it released, the author has said NOTHING that wasn't said 3 years ago.

And BTW, I'm 37, and have been gaming since the Atari and Intellivision days...I'm hardly a "noob". :o
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Kain81  +   2813d ago
mabe not a noob but a Fanboy (XBOT)
i read your comments.
THWIP  +   2813d ago
Well, good for you, Kain. Too much time on your adolescent hands, little boy?
SolidAhmed  +   2814d ago
untill the day of SOTC
my list of best games changed forever
gk07  +   2814d ago
i pick ths game up about 6 months ago i never played it on ps2 ive b een playing it on ps3 and dam i really miss out on a master piece if any of you fools havent played this man your missing out all i can say is masterpeace lol hope another game this good comes out in me lifetime awesome
The gaming GOD  +   2814d ago
As much as I'd want it, I doubt this game would get a sequel
I agree with you all. This game is a JEWEL. And in all honesty, The way the game ended, I don't think there can be a sequel. All the Colossi we beaten. ALL of them. Which is why there was no more darkness in the forbidden land of the game.

Besides, team ICO normally makes one-shot masterpieces. See because ICO could have had a sequel. But it doesn't have one.

Personally, I don't mind that too much. Not EVERY GAME needs a sequel.

That said, I'm VERY interested in team ICO's next ps3 project. Seeing the graphical power they pushed with ICO and SOTC, I can't even imagine the amazing worlds they can bring to the ps3
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Aclay  +   2814d ago
Shadow of the Colossus is one of the best PS2 games ever. It's my 3rd favorite PS2 game of all time with my top 3 list looking like this:

God of War 2
Metal Gear Solid 3
Shadow of the Colossus

I simply can't wait for what Team ICO will bring next. I hope that they are at E3 to present something, and hopefully something with a 2009 release date at least.
wind_dragon  +   2814d ago
I went to play this game again, just last night.
I never knew you could grab eagles and stuff.
My hardest fight was the Tortoise, cause I had know clue wtf to do, the armadillo cause it was a pain running in circles, and that mother f*cking sand worm; srsly W-T-F?!
This game is currently ranked @ the BEST I"VE EVER PLAYED...EVER. MGS3 w/ a close 2nd. I'm wondering if MGS4 will change this. =O
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theclub83  +   2814d ago
I think
team ico is original enough to make a new game that is every bit as epic as sotc, a sequel is not needed. as for a remake, its not that old of a game, plus they have only made two games, and very original games at that. i say let them expand their library.
ColossiSlayer  +   2814d ago
Shadow Of The Colossus
Is the greatest game ever made, it completely changed the way I looked a games, SOTC was interactive art, from the first fight with the Avion to the fight with the electric eel or the Sleeping Knight, man if you have never played it, play it beat it and repeat til you understand just how epic the game is. Never has finding turtles and fish been so amazing . . . I mean I created my PSN from the game . . .
VigorousApathy  +   2814d ago
I like the idea of a sequel. There are so many more ideas to use. Like fighting 2 colossi at once and tricking one to damage the other. Or a colossi so big it has smaller creatures living on it.

I don't understand why people think it's damaging to artistic integrity to make more of something that is enjoyable.
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poopsack  +   2814d ago
I wanted to play this game when it came out and somehow I missed it. Was it an open place where u just went from one colossus to another or were there towns and stuff to do in between? The latter seems better.
theclub83  +   2814d ago
hardly anything in between the colossus's. and its perfect.
spectyre  +   2814d ago
Forget what you "know"
You might think you would like it better if this or that. Forget it. This is unlike any game you have ever played. I debated on getting this game because it didn't "sound" like my kind of game. I found it at an outlet store for $10 so I decided to buy it just to give it a try. Once I fell the first Collosus my mind was officially blown.
This is a game that simply has to be experienced to be appreciated. I have read reviews and many posters try to describe it but the experience of this game defies description. The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.
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MEGANE  +   2814d ago
Ignore my name and pic n read!
I know i post really fanboy comments before but today reading all of the post above i realize that there is people that really like games like SOTC and not just HALO and GTA lovers that wont realize that there is other options. You said all i have to say about this game. I finish it like 5 months ago and its just good as ico.
qwertyuiopasdfghjkl  +   2814d ago
Little Bastard...

Related image(s)
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