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10 Years Later - Burnout 3: Takedown

Pixel Critique's month-long look back at the 30 games that defined 2004, relays an important life lesson learned from a most unlikely source. (Burnout 3: Takedown, Culture, GameCube, PS2, Retro, Xbox)

randomass171  +   476d ago
Takedown was awesome, but I think Revenge was my favorite. I need to play the rest of the Burnout games.
pedrami91  +   476d ago
I would pay top dollar for a Burnout: Revenge sequel or HD remake for current gen.

On-topic: Im sorry to say that ive never got the chance to play Takedown as Revenge was the first and last Burnout game i played before my PS2 broke down. Though im sure it was a great game.
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Palitera  +   476d ago
I didn't play them, but aren't the recent NFS games kind of Burnout spiritual sequels?

I played them only a little and the gameplay/engine felt very similar. Same developer (Criterion) too.

As said, I don't know much about the subject, but when I'm thinking about playing Burnout, I think about buying NFS...
SpiralTear  +   476d ago
Essentially, they are, at least in the racing modes. The Crash modes are generally the parts that people associate the most with Burnout, but they aren't in NFS.

However, the aggressive driving element and Criterion-powered sense of speed are still in NFS: Hot Pursuit.
GT67  +   476d ago
@ Palitera

YOU said it, and that was the problem with criterions 2 attempts with NFS it has burnout engine instead of the soul of Need for speed.
NFS was not a clone of any racer, but had it's own class and style a League of its own racing. until criterion and ghost games step-in. therefore now a clone of BURNOUT and EA don't seem mind it. until gamer stand strong with their wallets and petition nothing will change and we will continually get garbage. maybe Blackbox studio is able to re-capture the soul of nfs back, if they had a second chance. criterion and ghost games not doing it right. as a loyal die hard fan hotpursuit,mostwanted,rivals all was refunded crap!!!!!!!!
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Why o why  +   476d ago
Wow... no love for burnout paradise...... put a whole heap of hours into that. I know it wasn't a conventional burnout but they seemed to of nailed the fun factor for me
DarthBigE  +   475d ago
I could have sworn that they released it for 360, well thats what my friend said...but, yea, I was hopeful for a burnout revenge title too
HaveAsandwich  +   476d ago
played the heck out of takedown.
barb_wire  +   476d ago
For me, the best arcade racer I've ever played. Playing online was a blast with this one.

I wonder if we'll ever see another 'Burnout' game, especially one with crash.
SpiralTear  +   476d ago
I liked Burnout even before Takedown was released, but the third is still the Burnout game I play the most to this day. Fantastic racing game.
this and motorstorm apocalypse, 2 favorite arcade racers eva
ThichQuangDuck  +   476d ago
Burnout the fun of destruction. Wish there was a burnout game that focused on that again
DatDoe210  +   476d ago
I have very fond memories of this game. This was one of the first games I played online on the OG Xbox. I remember putting many hours into this and rainbow six lockdown. Can't believe 2004 was 10 years ago. 2004 was a very good year for gaming. If I remember correctly Halo 2 and GTA San Andreas came out that year.
Remy_S  +   476d ago
If there is on remake that I would gladly pay full price for, it would be Burnout HD collection, with Burnout 3 Takedown and Revenge remade with the new Frostbite engine, destruction included. It will probably never happen, but one can dream.
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franwex  +   475d ago
Burnout 3 Takedown is hands down one of the funnest racing experiences out there.
Skate-AK  +   473d ago
Burnout Paradise was a lot of fun but I would like to see them go back to the revenge style. Even a 1080p remaster.

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