The Hero Trap is Coming to PS Vita

SMASHWORX was successful in their Kickstarter campaign to bring their game The Hero Trap to PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and PS Vita. The game is a Gauntlet-inspired dungeon runner with randomly generated levels and multiple character classes.

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bonabice1528d ago

Nice i cant wait for this game the Gameplay look a bit like hotline miami :D

vongruetz1528d ago

My favorite thing about this game is that the Vita wasn't some sort of stretch goal, but rather one of the original platforms it was being developed on.
Though I find it strange how the only controller support they have for it on the PC is with a 360 controller, and yet none of the Xbox platforms are being supported.

ruefrak1528d ago

I tried out the pre-alpha build on my PC and it was fun... rough, but fun. I can't wait for this to come to the Vita. It's like Gauntlet with a Norseman. Gauntlet would have been so much cooler if you could have played as a viking.

Thehyph1528d ago

I was sold as soon as they threw Gauntlet in the description.

Looks perfect for Vita.

leahcim1528d ago


nope1111528d ago

It looks really fun and cute.

Farsendor11528d ago

hmm i didnt know about this game not for the ps4 or any other platform. 20+ generated levels sounds a bit much for a game like this.

ruefrak1528d ago

After playing it, 20 levels seems about right, especially since you're going to have a wide variety of different characters to choose from.
I hope it comes out in September. The game looks pretty sweet.

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