Battlefield 4 On Nvidia Shield - Review And First Impression

NVIDIA SHIELD combines cutting-edge components and technologies to provide incredible mobile performance and precision gameplay for serious gamers. From next-generation Android games to wirelessly streaming PC games, SHIELD is gaming The Way It's Meant to be Played.

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SteamPowered1526d ago

My shield is getting delivered today!! Not only am I excited about playing my PC library virtually anywhere, but the ps1 and N64 emulators really have me excited.

Elronza1526d ago

I am a Shield owner and trust me you will love your shield.

randomass1711526d ago

Shield works with PC? I thought it was just a tablet related device. What exactly IS the Nvidia Shield? Would anyone mind providing an explanation?

daggertoes831526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

That was Hickok45!!!

Th3o1526d ago

Playing MGS Rising as we speak on it:)

randomass1711526d ago

How does it look in comparison to a TV?

Th3o1526d ago

To be honest it's awesome, seems more crisp. The Screen on Nvidia shield is an impressive one.

I will say this though, you need to have a g connetion..simply connecting through g is pretty much like playing at 1-10 fps...once I went N it jumped to full fps.... it was amazing.

In my apartment I do have dead zones though (since it's an old one and is thick concrete walls), when I'm in the washroom the picture starts cutting out and catching up. I might need to boost the signal on my router, or possibly add a wifi expander.

Other than that, it works great even on my laptop.

I 've seen bugs here and there, and launching a game can take as long as 30 seconds - 45 s (this is with ssd). (this is from steam off to in game.)

Also I found one problem with Cs Go, apparently the xbox mapping is screen up and the game can't use the sticks:S until they fix it:S

randomass1711526d ago

Sorry for all the questions guys. I prefer to get my questions answered by people in the community who have experience with the device.

Elronza1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

The Nvidia Shield is beyond awesome! It is an amazing console and handheld on its own but when connected to your PC it becomes like nothing else.It is also a top quality tablet. I also own a PS3 and a PS Vita but I never play them anymore. Here are some links about the Shield below.

Elronza1526d ago

Oh yeah I forgot to add a video of console mode!

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