JetGetters Has Been Funded but Needs to Hit Stretch Goals to See Console Versions

It was only eight days ago Alex Nichiporchik, co-founder and producer at TinyBuild Games gave his remarks about his troubles with his Kickstarter campaign. The issue has been quickly resolved now.

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randomass1711497d ago

Another one of the games I've funded. This looks so fun. I hope it's online.

Skate-AK1497d ago

Game looks interesting. Hope the console version gets funded.

mhunterjr1497d ago

This may be the first kick starter I support, I'd love to get this on my console of choice...

randomass1711497d ago

Not much time left for that, if any...

AKissFromDaddy1497d ago

The link to the alpha demo is available on the site to download. Gamepad is an option. The game is fun and he music is more fun.

randomass1711497d ago

Oh sweet! I'm gonna try that ASAP.