Transitioning from Bastion to Transistor

Valtteri Kauraoja is sitting in a dark room with a cold beer in hand. He snaps it open as the clock on his desktop hits 1:25am. He's staring at an empty word document. It mocks him. The soundtrack of Bastion plays through his headphones. The jawdropping melodies of Darren Korb fills his head with memories; fighting his way through a post-apocalyptic world, exploring the history of this mysterious land with the relaxing narration of Logan Cunningham in the background. He closes his eyes and tilts his head back, trying to find words to verbalize his experience in text for the people of the internet. But instead of words, he gets a vision of the future. It’s a hopeful vision, based purely on trust and will. In this vision he sits on a computer much like the one he's looking at right now, also with a beer in hand. Valtteri is listening to the soundtrack of Transistor, trying to verbalize how much it meant to him, playing it all those years ago.

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0pie1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

the game will be 20$ this is huge for an idie game... At this point in 4-5 years indie games will cost the same price as a AAA games.

Farsendor11502d ago

indies get priced at 15$ and 20$ often, trine 2, dungeon defenders, castle story.

20$ price point for indies isn't new.

0pie1501d ago

15$ is ok with me but 20 im not so sure.

3xkrazy1503d ago

Was interested in this, but the annoying monotone narrator killed it for me.

Skate-AK1500d ago

Pretty bummed that I never got to play Bastion. Hope it makes it over to a Sony platform sometime.