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The PlayStation 4 has been out for some time and has been well received by fans. Now Gaming Precision's Tech Curse reviews the console and tells you if you need to buy it.

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MEGANE1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

I will give it a 7/100 until all missing features from PS3 get here!
Ill have to admit that getting rid of my ps3 was a big mistake, but i did not miss my PS2 when i sold it to get a PS3... it must have been the backward compatibility!

zerog1337d ago

Why would anyone get rid of their ps3 with all the good games still coming? I would have kept mine anyway but gta and south park was reason enough.

HeWhoWalks1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

So, based on this thinking, there must be, at least, 93 missing features from the PS4 that the PS3 offered. Out of curiosity, would you name them?

GuruMeditation1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Um, noisier fan, that's a feature right? And a slightly more uncomfortable gamepad, so you don't forget to take breaks, we'll call that a feature too. Bulkier, to prevent easy theft: there's your feature right there. Oh, and lower - quality visuals, to keep you from getting too smug. I've run out of missing features, you all can fill in the rest ;)

P.S I love my ps3, so this isn't a jibe at its expense, I just think the PS4's pure next-gen sexyness means I'm willing to wait a bit for missing features :)

MEGANE1337d ago

my bad.... 7/10 not 100
well is my opinion!. don't take me wrong guys, i love PS and my PS4, but is far from perfect. the one thing that bothers me the most is that with 8 GB of Ram compare to 256 MB on PS3 and the OS still lagy

HeWhoWalks1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

@ MEGANE: I don't think anyone suggested that it was perfect, but crucial steps were taken that have made it a vastly superior, and efficient, machine.

Conzul1337d ago

Right now it's about 9/10.

When it gets cross-platform video chat,
local media playback,
and more first party games,

then it'll be 10/10

crusf1337d ago

Why did you get rid of the PS3. You never experienced the beginning of a consoles lifespan have you?

MEGANE1337d ago

well son I been gaming since the Atari 2600 and as I said before it was a mistake... more like I need it the money to pay for the PS4, but ill will get one soon, with 500 GB of storage, I had PS plus since day one!.... got lots of games

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DerekFlint0071337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

I'm thoroughly enjoying my Ps4 which i got a few weeks ago.

If i were to have a couple of gripes it would be the lack of media functions in comparison to the Ps3, but hopefully these features will be added in future updates.

My other complaint is the R2 buttons on the controller, they are extremely flimsy and one of mine kept on bloody squeaking. (a smidgeon of WD40 solved this minor annoyance.

With that said, i am extremely impressed with how fluid and fast everything is - ie going from PS store to internet to a game and back is a super quick and the graphics are superb. Infamous is great fun and the amount of stuff happening all at once on screen at times is mind boggling. I downloaded Trine 2 from the store and was wowed that game looks and plays like a Disney cartoon come to life.

psplova1337d ago

Trine 2 looks even more amazing in 3D too, believe it or not... Loving my PS4 as well. After taking a generational break from Sony I am really excited to be back. It's really been a fresh breathe of air. I'm more excited about gaming now than I have been in years.

DerekFlint0071337d ago

Crumbs i hadn't realised you can play it in 3D, many thanks steele, ill give it a play again tonight in 3D.

psplova1337d ago

cool, let us know what you think if you remember... I was really impressed... some of the effects are really stunning. some of the best graphics I ever remember seeing tbh..

DerekFlint0071335d ago

Sorry for the late reply, i finally got around to playing Trine in 3D - Wow you were bang on the money, the visual effects are incredible, i died loads of times because i wasn't paying attention to my surroundings and i was forever sticking my hand out and trying to grab at the amazing scenery and moving objects.

This and Infamous are my two favourites so far, looking forward to Wolfenstein and Watch Dogs next month.

Have a brilliant weekend.

Farsendor11337d ago

i havent had so much fun with gaming in a long time im extremely happy with my ps4.

xavierbigdaddy19721337d ago

Me too, loving my ps4 also. Best decision for a gaming console

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