Halo 4 Matchmaking Update: 4.14.14

Every two weeks we update Halo 4 Matchmaking with exciting new game types, playlist changes and more. You can see what we have planned in the months ahead by visiting the Matchmaking Playlist Calendar, but below you can get details on what's now available in today's Halo 4 Matchmaking Update.
Ninja Assassins

Ninja Assassins is an 8-player Free-for-All game type that features Spartans decked out in custom armor, equipped with Energy Swords and Sniper Rifles, and outfitted with the Thruster Pack. Motion tracker is disabled, and ten points are awarded for each kill. Watch your back, though! Assassinations will net players 30 points – the equivalent of three kills. During each life, you’ll level up – this is accomplished by getting kills in succession. One kill will bring you to level 1, two kills for level 2, and if you manage to get three kills in a row, you’ll be at level 3 – here are the details and attributes of each level:

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pakua1501d ago

I love Halo, especially the multiplayer but Halo 4 was dreadful. Seriously, it didn't even feel like a Halo game. Doubt anyone cares about these updates, which is sad in a way considering the amount of time I've spent playing Halo over the years.

lets_go_gunners1501d ago

I've played a dreadful game before...Halo 4 was not even close to that. You didn't like it...oh well go drink some tea or something.

pakua1501d ago

It was dreadful because the previous 3 in the main series were so great. Even Reach held my interest more than Halo 4.

The campaign in Halo 4 was great, one of my favorites infact but we all know the longevity is in the multiplayer. Stats don't lie, Halo 4 was snubbed online by a big majority.

Septic1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Halo 4's MP has been forgotten by many. I spent hours on Halo 3 and a lot more on Reach. Halo lost its identity as far as its MP is concerned with Halo 4. I'm not saying its terrible; its still great, but Halo's standards are VERY high when it comes to mp and it just didn't live up to them.

Too many things wrong with it BUT not things that 343 can't learn from for the sequel. They have said they are aware of their shortcomings so I expect something better for the next game.

The campaign in Halo 4 was great. Lets hope for an excellent campaign AND mp for Halo 5.

1nsaint1501d ago

I agree with septic, it wasn't a totally terrible game, but i did was very disappointed with halo 4.

Halo 3 had set my expectations to high.

Kavorklestein1501d ago

I actually really enjoy Halo 4 multi player. It's easier to escape, survive, and to be lethal in this game compared to 3. Reach was just Phenomenal, and 4 improved many of the things Reach did. The only thing I think 4 did wrong was having so many customizations that were not very noticeable or should have just been part of the player's base attributes... I liked how reach did something new with the armor abilities, and 4 had even more of them, but it's the EXTRA stuff like resistor, recharge, etc that aren't needed.
They should have just stuck with sprinting for everybody, and more armor abilites, and that would have been enough.

But Halo 4 is grat, and people are just too critical. It's fine, and the radar is great, the grenades are great, the guns are balanced, and it's very much Halo.
I just think people were disappointed some parts of the campaign and the disappointment carried over when they jumped online.

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Illusive_Man1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Halo 4 dreadful? No.

Halo 3 is dreadful (well the MP), I tried to play it again and not only does it look bad, but it plays way too slow. I felt faster in Halo ODST as a human! That can't be! I imagine Spartan IVs to be extremely fast, hyper lethal killing machines. Halo 4 brought a fresh feel to the series. I am actually glad the series changed hands to 343i, I think overall they did a better job. I know, blasphemy. Bungie did an admirable job and established Halo as a gaming juggernaut but I think 343i took it farther and made it not only a visual joy (Halo 4 is breathtaking) but also made it a blast to play by mixing old and new gameplay elements.

matrixman921501d ago Show
LAWSON721501d ago

Halo 3s online player count for over a year 300,000. Halo 4 managed that number for probably not even a week. I think the community speaks for itself.

lets_go_gunners1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Doesn't sound *Dreadful* to me. "The campaign in Halo 4 was great, one of my favorites in fact". Sounds like it wasn't loved as the originals...still far from dreadful. If you want to know what dreadful is play Dead Space 3.

Noba1500d ago

I think Halo: Reach was the most detracted from the series which ultimately led to Halo 4 being a little off. I bet if they never made Reach Halo 4 would be a lot different.

3-4-51500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Halo 4 was trash.

Worst maps in a FPS game ever.

I loved all the other Halo games.

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IQUITN4G1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Agreed, I did initially quite enjoy multi side of 4 but there's something I can't quite get on with it. Had a few quibbles with Reach and still do regards to armour lock etc but it's bloody good otherwise. I get more annoyed with 4 than I ever do with Reach or did with 3

Also when will Spartan ops be purchasable. I have gold but this doesn't assure me that I'll be able to play this mode when a sign in process isn't in place. It's a great mode but one I wont go anywhere near. And of of course a very small percentage bother anyway. As it is you're essentially shafting a lot of people

GearSkiN1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

big halo fan! i u sure do love halo 4, dont care what anybody says, if people dont take risks,,, it will just be the same thing over and over.

plus the game single player is gorgeous cant wait for what 343 can do with the new hardware!

LAWSON721501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Id rather have the same thing over and over. Say what you will about COD but the fact is its fans still enjoy playing the game, which is something I can not say for the majority of Halo fans

Halo 4 was a casual fest that ditched the idea of an arena shooter to appeal to everyone but fans of the trilogy.

If I wanted to play something new and fresh I would look for a new IP not hope for a completely different game from one I am a huge fan of.

techie0151501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Ninja assassins sounds pretty cool to me, I haven't played 4 since release, maybe i'll pick it up over the long weekend and the next :D