Ubisoft releases new screenshot of 'The Crew'

Last week, we all were greeted with plenty of new details and information surrounding the upcoming open-world drive, The Crew. The beat keeps on going with Ubisoft as today, they went ahead and released a new screenshot from The Crew.

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D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771621d ago

Although i think that the MT feels meaningless to have on a count of players will have to level up first to use them just like next player does, i'm still going to give this a try just to see how this MT stuff works. On top of that, i like running from the cops.

abstractel1621d ago

I don't really care about the multiplayer aspect but I am excited about this game nonetheless. It looks like a Need For Speed or Burnout on massive steroids. The ability to go off-road, the scope of the environments, the variety of missions etc. Looks really promising to me. I wasn't incredibly impressed with the graphics but they are certainly not bad either. I like the day/night cycle and so on.

abstractel1621d ago

Examiner should be banned from this site. Forcing you to watch a video just to view a screenshot? Come on.