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Nintendo Puts a Smile on Your Face With a Price Drop

According to a press-release from Nintendo, on April 22, five major Nintendo titles for the Nintendo 3DS will drop in price from $39.99 and land on the e-store and at a retail suggested price of $29.99. (3DS, Nintendo)

randomass171  +   505d ago
I'm certainly smiling! :D Good chance for me to get 3D Land.
Rockefellow  +   505d ago
I'd be smiling if I hadn't already heard the news hours ago from a website that submitted their link before this one:


crusf  +   505d ago
Gotta make that sweet sweet ad revenue. How fitting the picture is of Wario.
randomass171  +   505d ago
Ha! You're right about. The greedy bastard. :P
Hicken  +   505d ago
Do you mean they're not doing that thing where an eight year old game is still full price like last gen?
CurrentDigital  +   505d ago
We certainly hope so. :)
Nerdmaster  +   505d ago
Too bad that I already have all of them.

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