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Nintendo Cutting the Price of Animal Crossing, Mario Kart 7, and other hit 3DS Games

Starting April 22, Nintendo will be cutting the prices of some of the best selling games on the 3DS. Nintendo revealed Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will be available in the Nintendo eShop and in retail for $29.99 each. (3DS, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Mario Kart 7, Nintendo)

Skate-AK  +   407d ago
That's good. Nintendo software doesn't get price drops very often.
curtis92  +   407d ago
because it's basically the only software people buy for their nintendo machines.
randomass171  +   406d ago
Actually it's the few software that gets sold over time and not just right after launch.
princejb134  +   407d ago
Excited for this
29.99 is a steal
g4n  +   407d ago
Could be worse. Look at the xbone sales on general.
Austin48  +   407d ago
Pretty good deal I kinda wish animal crossing was $19.99 though if it was I would defiantly get that.
randomass171  +   406d ago
Got mine for less than ten thanks to the Shin Megami Tensei/Fire Emblem promotion they did. :D
LKHGFDSA  +   406d ago
and just like that my 3DS collection is near worthless.
Activemessiah  +   406d ago
The value of gameplay is priceless my friend.
randomass171  +   406d ago
You can't put a price on fun! D:

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