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Battlefield 4 – Game Breaking “Death Shield” Bug Blocks Projectiles With Invisible Hit Box

MP1st - A newly discovered bug may be the cause of some of those inexplainable moments of frustration that you sometimes experience in Battlefield 4. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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rbluetank  +   403d ago
great video! I seen this a lot in battlefield 4. I did not know what was happening. it make sense now. lol
KwietStorm  +   403d ago
Yea it explains a whole lot. I can't count how many choppers conveniently had a shield up right before a well placed shot. I don't think there has ever been a game with so many bugs before.
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Detoxx  +   403d ago
You must play/know alot of games then *NOT*.
zeee  +   403d ago
Oh the horror continues. I have literally never played a game that is this broken!

It's been weeks since Naval Strike came out yet, the rubber banding still hasn't been fixed. Dice are so ignorant! With BF4, they gave "One step forward and two steps back" a whole new meaning I tell ya!
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Razputin  +   403d ago
I agree. As this being a AAA big budget title, I haven't seen a game with more bugs.

I finally see what the hell has happened all those times I've questioned the game where this would occur.

Also I'm actually very good at this game and a lot of other FPS games so it's not my lack of skill.
DarthZoolu  +   403d ago
Holy crap I thought I was crazy. So glad I traded it for Dead Rising 3. Everytime something is made more casual the universe shits on it. I wish they would make BF3 for X1.
Kleptic  +   402d ago
Not only is BF4 an absolute train wreck of quality control, but this video shows the even bigger issue we've had since release...

and that is 100% desync...its not even an issue of just latency...its that what is on your screen, and what the server is saying 'happened', are COMPLETELY different in a lot of cases...

just look at this example...on the client side your explosive goes 'through' the hidden barrier and explodes were it should...but the server rejects that, layers its own physics or something on a hidden explosive...and damages you instead...its bad enough that the invisible barrier is there, but the fact that it hides the possibility of hurting you as well...is just funny at this point...

last EA game i ever pre-order, and probably the last one i ever buy...completely unacceptable for a full priced game...free to play titles have better networking capabilities than BF4...
csreynolds  +   403d ago
Oh DICE, you amateurs.

I'm pretty sure you owe JackFrags and many others a small fee for all the QA work they've been doing for you unknowingly since launch.
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randomass171  +   403d ago
This probably has just as much to do with EA rushing DICE as it has to do with the developers' lack of competence.
csreynolds  +   403d ago
There's only so much weight the "EA rushed them" argument can carry. They've been patching this game for 6 months now on five platforms - you'd think the majority of issues would be fixed, but with every new patch/DLC comes new problems. Frankly, it's embarrassing.
Detoxx  +   403d ago
Finally someone found the source of the problem. Thank you JackFrags!
inf3cted1  +   403d ago
DICE, you had 6 months, and you didnt figure this out?
Detoxx  +   403d ago
It took thousands of people 6 months to figure it out, how do you expect a team of a couple hundred to figure it out?
inf3cted1  +   403d ago
With such a critical bug as this one, it should have been discovered by them a long time ago.

This only happens because they dont remove the object right when you kill someone. The object is only removed when the body dissapears. Thats obviously a big mess up and thats something you should think about when developing the game.
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randomass171  +   403d ago
Hopefully people will avoid buying the next Battlefield until everyone is sure it's not a buggy mess. Something like this should not be acceptable.
RegorL  +   397d ago
@randomass171 the more complex a game (or any other program for that matter is) the more bugs.

There are standards for programming safety/life critical software out there but you wouldn't buy a game like Battlefield programmed to those standards.
- No, really you wouldn't!

And whatever you think a game IS NOT safety/life critical.

Note - most of these systems do not have a need to also simulate and render the complete environment... The world itself handles that. Safety/life critical systems does on the other hand need to handle more or less defective sensors. To be realistic games will have to handle that as well.

Games at the complexity of Pong is possible to get bug free. But even a simple math game were that asks "What is 2+3?" can crash severely if the player enters "five"...

What DICE/EA and other developers could do is to encourage bug reporting / bug reproduction among players (especially during Betas) - a new dog tag?
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randomass171  +   403d ago
Meh, and to think someone called me a troll because I said this game was still buggy. :/
Good-Smurf  +   403d ago
You're right the game is still very buggy.
Tell that to my friends they will do anything in their power to discredit you and admin of that fanpage thinks BF4 is their lord almighty or something it's like a perfect game to them.
angelsx  +   403d ago
Go to hell Dice.So many bugs and problems.Still can't play conquest coz of rubber banding.I wanna see if someone preorder your next game.
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KwietStorm  +   403d ago
You still can't play conquest? Are you talking about Naval Strike or in general?
angelsx  +   403d ago
In general.I got rubber banding on all maps when i play conquest.Ps4.i'm so pissed off.Six mounts rubber banding and bugs.WTF???
Swiggins  +   403d ago
Basically rubberbanding is horriffic in all games of Conquest, at least on the PS4, sometimes that match will start out alright but towards the middle suddenly it becomes a version of the god damn Benny Hill Show.

Carrier Assault is even worse IMO, because it starts out with bad rubber banding and gets even worse as the game progresses, it's borderline unplayable.

I love Battlefield and all, but I've basically been forced to play game-modes like Rush and Obliteration instead of Conquest because only the game modes with lowered player counts seem to work properly.

Hell, if they'd just implement 32 player conquest I'd love it, then at least I could PLAY THE TRADITIONAL BATTLEFIELD EXPERIENCE!!!
T2  +   403d ago
@swiggins - holy s.. Seriously right? Can dice not just say oops sorry guys it looks like 64 conquest isn't working right now, but we have implemented 32 and 48
player servers for now which appear to work fine? I mean do these people even have any sense whatsoever???!!! A 7th grader could come up with this stuff
cyclindk  +   403d ago
Im not :)
Detoxx  +   403d ago
In the server browser type in "test".

You'll get to see Conquest Large test servers, there 0 ruber banding on those.
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USMC43  +   403d ago
There was a ton of rubber banding in them the other day. I'm so fed up with BF4, but when it works there's nothing better.
KwietStorm  +   403d ago
I don't generally get rubberbanding on Conquest anymore on PS4, haven't for a while. Naval Strike is just about unplayable unless you play on Asia servers or Test servers.
frostypants  +   403d ago
This is why I still haven't bought the game, and I am a massive fan of the series. I'm not buying BF4 if I can't play the one true Battlefield mode (conquest) properly.
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SirBradders  +   403d ago
That explains so much i go on rampages and kill multiple players and when shooting the player behind the bullets never connected and i always said to my mate i was shooting invincible people and now it all makes sense.
Avernus  +   403d ago
Classic DICE right there.
Phoenix76  +   403d ago
Has anyone else had issue when flying a jet and trying to shot down the C130? by that I mean, the C130 doesn't take damage from machine gun fire. Let me know pls
Detoxx  +   403d ago
I do not have this issue.
killzone619  +   403d ago
people still play this game? lol
Belasco  +   403d ago
Then that means I may not suck quite as bad as I thought? Oh who am I kidding? Im terrible.
Farsendor1  +   403d ago
no surprise here dice arent very good at fixing their games. battlefield is a whole lot of fun but the annoying bugs just get old.
frostypants  +   403d ago
They're not "Bethesda" bad, but they're up there...
Minute Man 721  +   403d ago
Never had this problem but plenty lag
r3f1cul  +   403d ago
so something else to add to the almost infinite list of BF4 problems... really sad how this game turned out honestly :/
Good-Smurf  +   403d ago
And yes my (used to be) BF4 fanboy friends got all butthurt that their game got 16 miles of problems. (and they never discussed about its problems)
yet they defending it like it's technically flawless.
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Good-Smurf  +   403d ago
This will shut up all the thai battlefield fanboys they praised BF4 like it can't do no wrong LOL.
One day a newcomer asked them why he died so much and they offer him silence and spin things around said his connection wasn't up to snuff,they said the same to me.
They can go fuck themselves if they want me to sugarcoated everything about BF4 I know they're fanboys but man they're blind as MFs!
daBUSHwhaka  +   402d ago
Face it guys,this game will never play the way it should.Some of my most memorable and enjoyable gaming moments are on this game but after the dlc and numerous patches the game gets more shafted.300+ hours of online gameplay and its sad so say this game just gets worse.100 sterling for a few good times is just sad.Give up DICE.

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