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85 Hours of Arcade Gaming on one Quarter Sets World Record

John Salter of Oakland, Ohio just set a world record for the longest amount of time spent playing an arcade game on a single quarter – 85 hours. (Arcade)

Stevefantisy  +   102d ago
That's truly insane!
JoeIsMad  +   102d ago
Yeah, it really is. I have spent some 24 hours on a game before, but there's no way I could last 3 days.
randomass171  +   102d ago
Holy crap!! How the world do you do that?!
JoeIsMad  +   102d ago
I guess the guy took naps after picking up a load of extra lives. LOL.
randomass171  +   102d ago
Why do I get the feeling his eyes were red as hell when he stopped playing? XD
JoeIsMad  +   102d ago
Absolutely! There's no way he's not STILL sleeping.
Koyes  +   101d ago
Well.. he certainly got his money's worth xD
Farsendor1  +   101d ago
this seems a bit overboard to just break a record. im also the type of guy that doesn't care what my score is as long as i beat the game im playing.

think im the minority
JoeIsMad  +   101d ago
He had a goal to break the world record for the game he was playing, it just happens that it took as long as it did, giving him the record with 85+ hours played.

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