85 Hours of Arcade Gaming on one Quarter Sets World Record

John Salter of Oakland, Ohio just set a world record for the longest amount of time spent playing an arcade game on a single quarter – 85 hours.

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JoeIsMad1376d ago

Yeah, it really is. I have spent some 24 hours on a game before, but there's no way I could last 3 days.

randomass1711376d ago

Holy crap!! How the world do you do that?!

JoeIsMad1376d ago

I guess the guy took naps after picking up a load of extra lives. LOL.

randomass1711376d ago

Why do I get the feeling his eyes were red as hell when he stopped playing? XD

JoeIsMad1376d ago

Absolutely! There's no way he's not STILL sleeping.

MajorLazer1375d ago

Well.. he certainly got his money's worth xD

Farsendor11375d ago

this seems a bit overboard to just break a record. im also the type of guy that doesn't care what my score is as long as i beat the game im playing.

think im the minority

JoeIsMad1375d ago

He had a goal to break the world record for the game he was playing, it just happens that it took as long as it did, giving him the record with 85+ hours played.