Guacamelee! STCE Preview - GameRevolution

"This is not just a HD reboot or a port of the original title. All new content has been incorporated into the entire game. We’re looking at new levels, a new boss, new enemies, all previous DLC, new costumes, and a costume editor."

~ Gil Almogi, GameRevolution

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dbjj120881505d ago

Totally unique game, but don't know if I'll buy this version.

ftwrthtx1505d ago

Got to play the new level at GDC. The new power is cool but I'm on the fence about getting the game again for the PS4.

KwietStorm1505d ago

I didn't know they added all this new content. Now I actually have to decide if I want to buy it again or not.

Skate-AK1505d ago

Hoping this comes to PS+ now that the have a new version for people to buy.