Losing My VRginity: At The Verge

This week saw the launch of a brand new high-profile virtual reality (VR) meet-up in California, as VRLA saw it’s inaugural gathering. Hosted at Digital Domain, Los Angeles, VRLA was a resounding success, and today one of the event’s organisers, Cosmo Scharf, takes a walk down memory lane with VRFocus to his very first experience of VR.

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AgentSmithPS41436d ago

Hurry up and give me affordable good quality VR please!

"Imagination is everything, it's the preview of life's coming attractions" - Einstein

ibrake4naps1435d ago

Can't wait to lose my VRginity!!!

unkn0wn1435d ago

As excited as I am about the future of VR, I can't excuse the low quality of this article. It's literally a short anecdote comprised of 3 paragraphs which tell the reader nothing of value. And most unluckily enough, it's ended with a picture of the author, a guy who looks like a cross between mclovin and some stereotypical nerd out of big bang theory with a meme troll expression glued on his face.

Skate-AK1432d ago

I want to try VR really bad.