Why I Prefer Oblivion Over Skyrim

GameGrin's James Furlong writes: "Skyrim is bland and shallow. That may seem a very odd statement to a lot of people, but I’ll stand by it. Games as a medium are constantly evolving yet, in another fashion, devolving. The sense that ‘bigger is always better’ is one that has always been in the gaming psyche; even when games just became longer, contained more levels, hundreds of collectables etc, there was always a want for more. This to me, is where Skyrim falls down."

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Massacred1441d ago

Enjoyed both for different reasons.

Blacklash931441d ago

Same here. Oblivion was deeper and had significantly more in the way of unique and fleshed-out quests, Skyrim plays better and has a much better presentation across the board.

Both are fine games. What's more to say?

Bimkoblerutso1441d ago

The only thing I like more in Skyrim is the world. Oblivion kind of just seems like England in the middle ages 90% of the time. Skyrim seems a little more..."fantasy" than historical, even though it's openly influenced by Norse culture. All that being said, though, Morrowind is easily the most creative of the three in that respect.

I'm with Massacred, I kinda like all the Elder Scrolls games for different reasons.

ProjectVulcan1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

I preferred Oblivion. I loved it. It was also partly that impact it gave at the time, of a 'next gen' game. It was released very early in the life of Xbox 360.

I think it was the first new console game that genuinely impressed me and made me think that yes, this was next gen. The visual and environment improvement over the previous consoles and the previous version (morrowind) was just huge.

joab7771440d ago

I felt the same way but for me Morrowind was my favorite, then oblivion, skyrim.

And maybe skyrim was bridging the gap to ESO and then mmo structure...unintentionally of course.

HaveAsandwich1440d ago

jut started morrow wind on the 360. got it for like 2 bucks.

Massacred1440d ago

I think the general consensus from TES community is the Morrowind was the peak of series.

I surely hope they don't simplify anything else in TES VI

rayzorn1440d ago

i agree with morrowind it was my favorite followed by daggerfall, then skyrim, actually i thought oblivion was the worst in the series.

Docknoss1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

The Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles DLC was amazing. Skyrim had horrible DLC in comparison. I enjoyed both games but oblivion's main story was better but Skyrim was a huge improvement in the leveling system and fighting mechanics. Both were equals, I hope for a Morrowind remake.

Mutant-Spud1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Dragonborn was like a sample platter of ES lore, you got a little bit of everything but none of the individual elements were particularly satisfying.
I thought Dawnguard was OK, it was at least on a par with my other favourite quest line in Skyrim, the Dark Brotherhood.

ElementX1441d ago

Wasn't this article written a little late? Skyrim has been out for years, not to mention Oblivion....

ZodTheRipper1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

People are still enjoying Skyrim and yes, even Oblivion. Thanks to the modding community these are almost timeless games, in fact I'm considering playing through Oblivion again one day. See here for example

ElementX1441d ago

I have played Skyrim with mods. I never completed the campaign before so I bought it on sale and loaded up a bunch of mods.

coolbeans1440d ago

Writers talking about retro games pops up quite often too. I don't see why there should be some arbitrary time limit for posting opinion pieces on certain titles, and certainly not for ones that have released so recently.

WeAreLegion1441d ago

I love both of them equally, but for different reasons.

-Foxtrot1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Because Skyrim felt dumb down compared to Oblivion in my eyes. They made things too straight forward and accessible, there was no actual thinking or planning that went into classes or levelling up. I spent ages and over 6 new games to get the right mix of class, race, main skills, however in Skyrim I only needed the one since any class can be good at anything.

Blacklash931441d ago

I, for one, appretiate that decision. I don't want to redo the introduction and levelling when I change my mind about whether or not I like a certain playstyle. I can be good stat-wise for any playstyle just by practicing with it at my own pace.

-Foxtrot1440d ago


You do realise there is a automatic saved game which puts you at the end of the intro level so you can re choose your choices.

SITH1440d ago

I have to admit, the oblivion gates were cool feature and I loved finding them. I hope I have the same feeling when I play elder scrolls online with the dark anchors.

Summons751440d ago

yeah I liked the Oblivion gates more but I still enjoyed having a Dragon drop down randomly too. I liked the bright and fantastical feeling Oblivion had and it's why I enjoy it more. Skyrim has much better gameplay and the better graphics are definitely a welcome.

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