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PAX East 14: Xbox One's Project Totem is Pure Gaming Bliss | Hardcore Gamer

HG: Just announced on Friday, we got to sit down with Project Totem's developers and beat practically everything they've created to date. (Project Totem, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

ValKilmer  +   106d ago | Well said
Is Xbox One becoming home to creative indie games?
crusf  +   106d ago
Wii U is getting a ton of indie games as creative as this... But no one gives a crap because its Nintendo. :/
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Gotcha5  +   106d ago
Why sir you stand corrected "I don't give a crap".
Brazz  +   106d ago
one of the 4 big homes, yeah...
Neoninja  +   106d ago
I enjoyed Press Plays last game, Max: Curse of the Brotherhood so much, that I will probably purchase Project Totem. It seems simple, but it looks like a lot of fun and that's what matters most to me.
incendy35  +   106d ago
Me too, Max was such a pleasant surprise for Christmas.
christocolus  +   106d ago
Looks kind of addictive...Press play and twisted pixel should be allowed to try their hands on some aa franchise ..both studios are filled with some talented devs. The studio head at Press play has stated his desire to develop a new banjoe. Hope MS grants him his wish.
Lawboy2  +   106d ago
this game is not a indie game…right…max the curse of the brotherhood was not an indies
incendy35  +   106d ago
Correct, PressPlay is part of Microsoft. No longer an indie studio.
ValKilmer  +   106d ago
But come on it was created by two guys.

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