Last of Us on PS4 is great news, but does it confirm a sequel?

GamesRadar: The Last of Us’ confirmed reappearance as a tooled up, extra-pretty, 1080p PS4 game is undoubtedly a good thing. Yes, we already find ourselves awash with a mighty maelstrom of moans; a blithering howl of “Boo! Rehash!” from that sector of the internet that inexplicably equates blind cynicism with the expression of intelligence. But realistically there’s nothing bad about this situation. In fact with a little forethought, it becomes clear that The Last of Us’ next-gen appearance is a probable harbinger of very good things for the future.

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DeletedAcc1472d ago

E3 2014 -> U4
E3 2015 -> TLOU2

xxxGEOxxx1472d ago

I hope so, but I'm also being a bit greedy hoping they would announce SOMETHING in regards to a TLOU sequel at this years

ArchangelMike1472d ago

TLOU sequel is pretty much confirmed. But yeah, nothing till E3 2015.

randomass1711472d ago

How much you wanna bet Remastered will have a teaser trailer TLOU2 after you beat the game?

avengers19781472d ago

I certainly hope that ND continues TLOU, there is so much they could do with the universe they created. I'm still hoping TLOU 2 is basically The Last of Us year 1, as the first game took place 20 years after the outbreak. A year one game means you have infected, a military presence, and still nasty people to deal with... They could have completely different people.

medman1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

I like TLOU as much as anybody, but I'm kind of hoping after Uncharted 4 we get a new IP from Naughty Dog, then back to TLOU. That rumored space epic sounded great to me. I'd hate to see ND get stuck in that never ending loop of sequel making, even though whatever they produce is a day one purchase for me, sequel or not it will be absolutely brilliant.

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Massacred1472d ago

Not necessarily.

It could just be bringing a critical acclaimed title to a wider audience.

xxxGEOxxx1472d ago

This is true, but I like to be optimistic.

randomass1711472d ago

I feel ya there, dude! Here's hoping. :)

ArchangelMike1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Yeah, don't forget about TLOU Movie *spits*

That'll bring TLOU to a wider audience. I bet they release TLOU2 at the same time. I'm calling a movie/game bundle.

xxxGEOxxx1472d ago

Judging Naughty Dog's history, that sound uncharacteristic of them to do something like that. I don't think they'll let themselves be hindered by a movie tie-in.

Aaaaaand there goes my last

jay21472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Actually it really isn't, it means resources have been moved from Uncharted to port it over. I'd rather the X amount of people worked on Uncharted and it came out 6 months earlier, or those same members started number 2 on PS3/4 and a LOUS PS4 port that came with TLOS 2 s than a year bringing TLOS to ps4. They got it right with Tomb raider, shipping the ports out, wrong actions in this case.

ArchangelMike1472d ago

Umm, you know that ND dog have two dedicated teams right. And that there's already a full team working on Uncharted 4 right?

Also you know that the TLOU team are in between project right now. Which mean's that they still have all hands on deck to work on TLOU Remaster, WITHOUT having to take resources from the Uncharted 4 team.

If anything, the fact that they are working on the Remaster only delays their next project. But not really, because it will not take the full team to do a port. Heck Bruce and Neil are probably already casting and script writing for TLOU2, while the port is underway.

randomass1711472d ago

It doesn't *guarantee* a sequel, but it could sure serve as an opportunity to let people know about it. The Sly Cooper Collection had a teaser trailer for Sly 4, so.

WeaseL1471d ago

New story based in the same world hopefully

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