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Are Nintendo Pushing the 3DS Ahead and Leaving the Wii U Behind?

As the Wii U continues to struggle staying afloat, Nintendo still appear to be concentrating their efforts on the increasingly successful 3DS. We ask the question, are Nintendo preparing to ditch the Wii U and carry on up with 3DS?

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Community1289d ago
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serratos271289d ago

Is the Wii U version of Smash Bros really being pushed back to Winter?? Wow.

randomass1711289d ago

It was never really pushed back. It's the first time we've had a more specific date than "year 2014."

serratos271289d ago

Sad I got disagrees for asking a question lol thanks for clarifying though. On topic, Nintendo should pay more attention to it's console. Feel bad for those Wii U owners.

randomass1711289d ago

Some believe it's a good strategy though. The 3DS game comes out in the summer when there isn't a lot of big releases and can help serve as a preview for what's coming to Wii U owners. Wii U is supposed to come out during the holiday season when the hype is in full swing. Finally they plan to make connectivity between the two versions to create incentive to own both versions. I don't think it will be as bad as people think. :)

LAWSON721289d ago

This and I think the Wii U just requires more dev time. People thinking the Wii U version is getting the short end of the stick need to realize the 3DS version comes out soon and the Wii U version does not.

Why in the hell would they come out and announce everything for the Wii U version when it is not coming out until the end of the year? It is not like the Direct said, 3DS is getting an exclusive mode while the Wii U version will be getting nothing, and then not say, there is absolutely nothing more to announce for the Wii U version. The guy said countless times we have many more surprises and announcements to make in the future, but apparently people expect the worse because apparently Nintendo is the devil or something

wonderfulmonkeyman1289d ago

It's being pushed back so that the two versions, which will have differences worth owning both for, won't cannibalize each others' sales via competing with each other at the same time.
It's a marketing strategy to give both versions ample sales opportunities, and IMO it's a very smart move.

Chrischi19881288d ago

Not only that, but this way, people will also consider getting a Wii U. Many will play the game, like it a lot, because sales wise the 3DS does pretty good. Many of the ones who like that game, might want to get a Wii U then. I mean, how many 3DS are out there in the wild and how many Wii Us? This is a good strategy to make people want the Wii U.

live2play1289d ago

Trust me don't feel bad.
I had a blast with friends playing nintendoland
Played great platformers like Nsmbu, rayman, 3d world, tropical freeze
Commanded my little army of pikmin, and an army of 100 superheroes in wonderful 101
Soon I'll be defying gravity in mario kart 8 and fighting with friends in super smash bros 5

Feel bad for the ones who DONT have a wii u

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randomass1711289d ago

Nah, they're just making sure their cash cow doesn't lose any momentum. Better to have one best selling profitable system than two systems that don't sell.

RPG_Lover1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

This article is irresponsible. 3DS version on sale first helps Wii U version sell.

nintendofeed1289d ago

Do you care to provide some points (and evidence) to back your said argument?

LAWSON721289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

The point is this:

3DS version comes out on a successful popular device with clear limitations (dont want to downplay 3DS version because it could be an awesome game to have on the go) that get people excited for a superior version that they could play at home on the big screen. There is nothing wrong with this tactic and if you ask me I think it is pretty smart.

I dont have evidence to back this up however from my past experience with Pokemon on GB, it made my N64 pretty damn minding blowing when I played Pokemon Stadium. A fun fact is that game sold almost 6M units (only 31M N64 sold so approx 1/5 people bought it) and to think the awesome handheld games did not have any effect over that number seems unlikely.

If Nintendo made this decision to use the good (hopefully) 3DS version to hype up an even better version(Stadium was not better but it was an awesome experience). I hope they are smart enough to do it again with Pokemon. I think the best selling 3DS game could do alot for the troubled Wii U.

wonderfulmonkeyman1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

The logic is pretty clear when you think about it;

Putting both games out at the same time would cannibalize sales of the two because they'd be competing with each other for the attention of Gamer's wallets at the same time.

By separating the two and giving each exclusive modes and stages to attract attention, on top of releasing the one on the Wii U[which has lower sales and thus needs more help] during the Holidays when games traditionally sell better overall, it ensures that both get the attention they need to sell well, because it gives us time to save up for both while giving Nintendo time to prepare appropriate advertisement campaigns for both versions, especially the Wii U version.

Also, by putting out the 3DS version first, it gives the fans a taste of what they can expect with the Wii U version, and once that comes out they'll most likely switch to that for two major reasons: #1, the graphics will be much better, and will be on a bigger screen to boot, and #2, the Wii U can be hooked up to wired internet for online play, which will be much more stable and thus much more popular with the crowd that is serious about competitive play.

Is that enough reasons for you, or shall I go on?

nintendufus1289d ago

You might have a point: interest in the first title SHOULD generate hype for the WiiU version. But there's no real, definitive way to tell. For the record, I hope it does; I'll buy both versions as soon as I can.

As for the article, it's just more Nintendoom--always a big hit in the right circles. The article's syntax is what really gets me. It's just hard to read and pretty vague at times.

Activemessiah1289d ago

It's not hard to make a 3ds game compared to a console FFS... it got done quicker so it's being released first, why is that so hard to understand??

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