Bringing sexy with Transistor at PAX East [SideQuesting Preview]

Ryan Gan of SideQuesting writes:

"Small indie developer Supergiant Games has a winning recipe with Transistor as it brings us an isometric action game that’s heavily peppered with RPG and strategy elements. But with all those video game buzzwords aside, “sexy” is probably the word that comes to mind after trying Transistor at PAX East 2014. Its gameplay is sleek; its electronica-infused audio is stylish; and it’s definitely easy on the eyes."

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medman1531d ago

Yes. This is what I want. Transistor and Child of Light look so promising. 19 and 15 dollars respectively? Sold and sold again.

chronoforce1531d ago

I don't even need to look at game play to know I will buy this game.

incendy351531d ago

Looks great, can't wait to play. Supergiant is so good with art style.