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Submitted by Abriael 596d ago | news

Star Citizen Creator Expresses Appreciation for DirecX 12 and Mantle, Doubts on Cloud Rendering

Legendary Wing Commander creator and Star Citizen director Chris Roberts took part in a livestreamed panel at PAX East yesterday about the future of PC gaming, and he offered his opinion on a a couple of hot button topics that are agitating the gaming community as of late, like "closer to the metal" APIs like DirectX 12 and Mantle and cloud rendering. (DirectX 12, Mantle, PC)

Fireseed  +   596d ago
I'm pretty sure that after Star Citizens DFM reveal video it's clear that this guy knows what he's talking about in the graphics department. So happy to have pledged some money and got a wicked sick ship ;)
Gozer  +   596d ago
He sounds like hes excited about the future. As an X1 owner I like that hes excited about DX12. Hopefully it leads to X1 games performing better. He complained about the OS of consoles, maybe hes going to be working on consoles soon, or has before, or he could simply be giving his opinion on consoles I guess.

He doesn't know how cloud rendering will work, but seems to think it can work. He just seems to think cloud rendering is more costly than doing it on local hardware.
JsonHenry  +   596d ago
Did you notice he was playing the DFM with a 360 controller?

Console port incoming!

Not sure how I feel about this... but what I saw I liked so I'm going to reserve my judgement for the final product.
aliengmr  +   595d ago
Roberts is open to the idea of a console version but has no plans to do one. He also wants cross platform play and to be free of any quality control constraints before he even considers doing it.

Not impossible, but very unlikely, at least until the PC version is complete which still has a year or until its finished.
3-4-5  +   596d ago
MOST PC dev's use a 360 controller.
Geoff900  +   595d ago
Just to add to that, many PC devs use controllers when demoing games because it's much easier to show a game than use a mouse and keyboard on stage/or to the bosses.
B1663r  +   596d ago
I was confused when I saw the video and was like "Wow this looks a lot like wing commander", and now I completely understand why.
TheDevil15inallofus  +   596d ago
Sounds like he doesn't have his.....'head in the clouds' XD
DemonChicken  +   596d ago
lol clouds, if they can get through the bandwidth issue which at this stage, impossible then it will be practical. At the moment it's just fooling the informed and showing what will happen in a perfect scenario.
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DraconicPanda  +   595d ago
In before console flaming

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