Why The Ending of Every Pokémon Game Is Garbage

You go through the trouble of collecting all 8 badges and defeating the Elite Four—and in some cases, sometimes you even try to catch them all. But what for? Pokémon games sometimes treat you rather poorly after doing all that work, when you think about it.

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randomass1711472d ago

In all fairness, plot is not really Pokemon's forte. :P

1472d ago
3-4-51472d ago

Aren't they all about the Journey and not the ending ?

Sly-Lupin1471d ago

I've only played a bit of Black and a fair amount of X, but it seems to me the main draw is the combat system. Virtually everything else is affectation.

They could remove the JRPG trappings and make it an Armored Core-style arena game, and I don't think it would lose much of its appeal.

Activemessiah1472d ago

I don't think they play for the ending...

randomass1711472d ago

They play for the breeding. all of that glorious breeding.

TXIDarkAvenger1472d ago

Pretty sure no one plays for the story...or at least I don't. The main goal for me is to beat the game, create my ideal team, play online/local, and catch all the Pokemon.

tigertron1472d ago

The Pokémon games have always had a simple formula, even the anime, which despite having numerous stories - at its core, it is simple: catch all the Pokémon in the world and become a Pokémon master.

randomass1711472d ago

Don't forget Pikachu getting kidnapped and rescued from Team Rocket who's always blasting off.

user95970821472d ago

Whoa whoa whoa. Was gonna read this until I saw who wrote it.

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