Batman dons his XE Suit in new Cold, Cold Heart screenshot

After the recent gameplay video, Warner Bros has released a new screenshot of Cold, Cold Heart, the upcoming story-based DLC for their third-person action-adventure Batman: Arkham Origins.

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Whatsupdog1319d ago

Batman looks badass as usual. Am guessing we will see a bit of the research labs in Gothcorp.

randomass1711319d ago

I'm personally interested in seeing the batcave and perhaps even Oracle and Alfred in person. A more 'intimate' look into the Batman persona would be pretty interesting for a video game.

Whatsupdog1319d ago

Me too. Hopefully Arkham Knight will grant us what we desire :-)

randomass1711319d ago

It's a Rocksteady Batman game. I think we're in more than great hands. :D I like how they are expanding the open world with the bat mobile. Being able to traverse an even larger open world as the dark knight will be exhilarating. :D

Massacred1319d ago

Not bad, but personally still a fan of the Timm/Dini style that was present in Asylum/City the most.

MasterD9191318d ago

I cannot wait to get my hands on this!

Skate-AK1318d ago

Pretty cool looking suit.