PS4 and Xbox One graphics disparity continues: Trials Fusion runs at 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox


"Ubisoft is about to release the next entry in its motorcycle-platforming series on consoles and PC next week, and — like other multiplatform games — it has a slightly higher resolution on the PlayStation 4 than on the Xbox One.

Trials Fusion hits Wednesday for the PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 (and PC on April 24), and developer RedLynx promises that it runs at a smooth 60 frames per second on all of those systems. It will not, however, run at the same resolution. Ubisoft has confirmed to GamesBeat that Fusion will run at 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox One. Those numbers refer to the number of horizontal lines the game is rendering for every frame of animation."

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NYC_Gamer1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Wow,MS really needs to get those updated drivers[they claimed fixed performance]to developers..Its crazy when an indie game can't be full HD on a 500 dollar console.

UbiquitousClam1226d ago

I agree that MS need to up there game but trials is not an indie game, its published by Ubisoft.

Sethry1011226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Forza was severely down graded to run at 1080p 60fps, this down grade is common knowledge and well documented.

Forza 5 actually had less visual effects then Forza 4, which is kind of scary!


Just to back up my statement.

The_Infected1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

You wonder why it's 1080p/60.

Kingthrash3601226d ago

so forza is the end all be all? maybe you should think long and hard about ALL the other games on the system. yay forza 1080p 60fps...1st party game. these 3rd party games for some reason arnt running on the $500 machine like it is on a $400.
at the end of the day i dont really care about the gap between the systems but i do hate to hear people ignore the problems.
the x1 is 500 bucks and if it cant run games at the same level as the $400 dollar machine then it is largely over priced. let's not defend this practice.

truefan11226d ago Show
Sethry1011226d ago

truefan, surely even you have to be able to admit that the hardware is weaker in the Xbox.

No dev is ever going to make a game deliberately weaker on one consol. The fact that even first party games are running at lower resolutions will show you that its not a case of 'not trying'.

The RAM setup is creating a bottleneck, trying to push through larger resolutions while maintaining visual effects is proving hard to do.

With that I use my last bubble, so good night!

Ron_Danger1226d ago


"I think this is the new marketing strategy, making sure a game runs at a higher resolution on ps4 and get the ps4 fans on your side"

Ha! Are you kidding me?! Are you actually thinking that this is all one big conspiracy to get Sony fans on their side?? You have officially gone off the deep end. You blindly follow MS so much that you are basically calling 3rd party devs Sony fanboys.

LackTrue4K1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

I am convinced that if your not using cloud/internet connection. You will hardly ever get your games to run 1080p/60fps on a XboxOne. Hell, some will probably force you to have a live/active account to run most games....

It's being forced on Xbox fans, live with it....or just keep making up story's about how good it is.


MysticStrummer1226d ago

@Wraith - Why think long and hard about something that's been well documented? Forza achieved those targets by noticeable downgrades to the visuals.

@truefan - Deep end achieved.

OT - Multiplat disparity will be the norm this gen, just like it was last gen when there were nearly always small differences. The differences are just bigger now. Sony designed a console based on the input of developers, while MS designed a console based on the direction they wanted to push the industry. The result is a power gap in PS4's favor.

TheGreatAndPowerful1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

This is humiliating for MS and it's going to be like this the entire gen.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

"so forza is the end all be all? "

No, but none of Sony's offerings as far as AAA exclusive titles run, 1080p/60fps even though one of them was touted as such, but was lied about. I just find it all sorta of...odd.

Pain1226d ago


"I think this is the new marketing strategy, making sure a game runs at a higher resolution on ps4 and get the ps4 fans on your side"

kinda like MS's parity clause last gen gimping PS3 games right? right True?

Deadpoolio1226d ago Show
Eonjay1226d ago


Wow. This makes the talk about Watch Dogs seem trivial. Watchdogs is not 1080p on Xbox One. This is incredible. What were they playing this game on. That is incredible deception.

Eonjay1226d ago


Man I'm sorry.

Pogmathoin1226d ago

No one is ignoring anything KT, its the same people speaking the same crap every time, highlighting something we all know, PS4 is more superior... ie, you, heavy and so own.... Have 5 games on X1, 4 on PS4, full retail games, and sure, first thing you notice os graphics, crispness and so on, but when I play Forza, or any driving game, I do not stop to take in the scenery.....those that make comments about it have probably never played it, and more and likely just troll, while dreaming about next gen....

Septic1226d ago

Smh..trials fusion can't run @ 1080p???

Sort it out Ms.

Sevir1226d ago

@Trufan1 soooo you mean Respawn made Titan Fall on XBO run at 796p because they wanted PS fans on their side? Please proceed to plank in the middle of a busy highway.

This, people is the perfect example of why you should never do crystal meth.

Xsilver1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

at the end of the Day which Console Has the most 1080p60Fps Games :/ and the Only thing Odd is a Game like Trials not being able to Run at 1080p on XOne. Matter of fact Name One Multiplatform Game that the Xone version has higher Resolution or framerate than the PS4 version happy Hunting.

dantesparda1225d ago

What do they mean a "slightly higher resolution"? Its a 44% increase! thats a little more than a slight increase. Also, these fanboys that say "well Forza does 1080/60fps". So what? What are you trying to say? That the system can do 1080/60fps just because one game did it by cutting down on quality? Cuz if thats the case, then why didnt this game do it, yet can do it on the PS4? And why is it that the rest of X1's exclusives (Ryse, DR3, KI and TF all run at 720p) and a whole bunch of multiplats cant even run at 1080p on the X1? (BF4 and COD 720p, etc).

TheGreatAndPowerful1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Lead programer for Trials explains why the PS4 kicks so much ass. :D

"For our game, stable 60 fps is the most important thing. Pushing twice as many frames requires twice as many GPU and CPU cycles. This makes our game very demanding to the hardware."

tokugawa1225d ago

new drivers lol they need a new console!

the bone is a joke.... and i have one

JetP06191225d ago

that's even worst, considering ubisoft is a big company and cant get this running on full HD

Ritsujun1225d ago

WoofSpectre's mad!!

Don't ever give up, MS!!!!!!!

ADECENTBOY7771225d ago

Well, the MS console is just weaker, that's all. We all knew that from the very beginning, and forget all the fairytales about secret saucage and plus stuff. Wake up and accept that PS4 has a better hardware and easier to develop for - just ask the devs! :)

badz1491225d ago


Of course it can be 1080p on Xbone too but it won't be 60fps for sure. But before you even go into full denial mode, just give an example of a multiplat running better on Xbone than on PS4. There is NONE and that should tells you something.

The Xbone's biggest exclusive of the year is 792p to achieve 60fps and it's not even a looker, on an aging engine to begin with!

jmac531225d ago

I have never seen one person get so many disagrees Truefan at 204 disagrees. Ha!

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lelo1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

I agree. Like it or not, being a fanboy or not, most people should admit that the X1 is not worth 500€. It's a overpriced piece of hardware... Microsoft is trying to imitate Apple with it's overpriced products. At this moment the X1 should be priced 350-400€ and (if existed and if Microsoft were smart) a Kinect-less X1 should be priced at 300€.

I know the most important thing that defines a console are it's games, but it's inadmissible that a game like Trials Fusion runs only at 900p on the X1.

Gozer1226d ago

If you don't own an X1 you really cant credibly comment on what the X1 is worth. Sure you can state your opinion but I would listen to someone who owns one more closely than some random poster stating their opinion. I own an X1 and it has been great. I actually bought 2 at launch, one for me, one for my son and I have no regrets.

T21226d ago

Totally agree and price cuts this early such as titanfall plus xbl for 449 proves that it's overpriced because price is set by consumers, and at 499 they said hell no

MysticStrummer1226d ago

@Gozer - MS themselves has admitted XB1 was overpriced by dropping that price and including what was supposed to be their biggest system seller for free.

I bought a launch PS3 for full price and never regretted it, but even I know it was priced too high for the market's liking.

Tempest3171225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )


I understand you giving more weight to the opinion of an owner vs non owner, but you cant really say non owners cant credibly comment on what its worth. I know All the functions and I also know and understand the hardware is my opinion not credible? The reason I havemt bought one is its not worth the price youre saying for my opinion that its overpriced to be valid, I would have had to bought one at full msrp? Just so I can credibly say it wasnt worth the money? Seems a little ridiculous to me.

Edit: if the price was $400 id probably get one...if it was $350 Id have one for sure

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Sethry1011226d ago

I have yet to see any solid proof of anything that will improve the graphical power output of the Xbox. I have no doubt drivers will help in the long term, but not to the extent that is being claimed.

fr0sty1226d ago

Then there's also the fact that Sony has its own team of coders typing away creating new PS4 drivers as well. Both systems will benefit from software upgrades over the course of the generation.