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Titanfall Xbox One Bundle Discounted Even Further to £340 in the UK Via Promotional Code

Looks like there’s no end to the discounts on the Titanfall Xbox One bundle in the UK, and now Xtra-Vision and HVM are offering it for £339.99 by using a promotion code. (TitanFall, Xbox One)

Watari321  +   328d ago
randomass171  +   328d ago
Holy cow.
Magicite  +   328d ago
desperation at its finest
HaveAsandwich  +   328d ago
i'll take one, if you want to give me one for nothing. i ask because it seems they are heading in that direction.
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Ocsta  +   328d ago
Seems you can't GIVE these things away.
randomass171  +   328d ago
The cheaper the better for any product, I'd say.
brich233  +   328d ago
How low can you go?

HaveAsandwich  +   328d ago
i don't know, but they're gettin' pretty dang low....back, back, back it up...

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Blackleg-sanji  +   328d ago
KwietStorm  +   328d ago
How much cheaper can they make this thing so soon before they're bleeding profits?
OttoniBastos  +   328d ago
they are already bleeding! But demand is low! they need to move the console.
patrik23  +   328d ago
will it ever end?
brich233  +   328d ago
Next gen Micosoft and sony both know that lower prices will sell their console faster.
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randomass171  +   328d ago
PS4 is selling just fine at the moment and that's just from good PR, word of mouth and InFamous being such a hit.
MasterCornholio  +   328d ago
In Canada sony is the opposite though. They know that increasing the price (to a certain extent) will not affect the sales of the system. Which has happened.
Majin-vegeta  +   328d ago
SO how much is this in U.S $??
Jojo0903  +   328d ago
$472 US dollars. I thought it would be less. It's a good deal but not as cheap as most of the people commenting thought it was judging by there comments. Still more than the ps4 by 12 dollars if u subtract the price of the game.
hobbitooo  +   328d ago
this is just titanic fall for xbox
Skate-AK  +   328d ago
Good of them to be pushing Titanfall. Was tired of seeing them promote COD all the time.
AlexFili  +   328d ago
They're so desperate to try and win over the Sony and Nintendo fans in the United Kingdom but I really don't think this is going to happen. If 360 owners have already switched to PS4 or PC then this will be a losing battle. All they can hope to do is win over those who are confused.
Uncle_Buck  +   328d ago
Still £340 too much lol
bggriffiths  +   328d ago
Out of stock at these sites now, but Tesco have it for £339 via a promotion code. http://www.dealspwn.com/xbo...

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