New The Witcher 3 WIP Screenshots Show How CD Projekt Put Next-Gen Hair Into the Game

During the Game Developers Conference CD Projekt RED Lead Engine Programmer Balazs Torok held a presentation titled “The Witcher 3: Enabling Next-Gen Effect Through Nvidia Gameworks,” focused on the implementation of hair and fur in the game.

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colonel179806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

Great looking game..

gameslayer2411806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

That would be Work.In.Progress. Meaning these images are not close to final product and are subject to change. Think of it like Alpha or Beta Footage.

Edit: You changed your comment right as I posted mine...-_- lol

colonel179806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

Lol! Sorry! It's just that right when I posted it, It occurred to what it was!

Thanks though! Gave you a +Bubble

gameslayer2411806d ago

No Problem! Thanks for the bubble up as well!

AgentSmithPS4806d ago

Was I the only one that had this song pop into their head upon reading the headline?

AgentSmithPS4806d ago

Me too. Too bad there's no women in the pics but I'm sure they're saving the long hair + boobs pics for closer to release ;).

Jvaughn661806d ago

This is going to be the rpg game of the year for me

Bluebird8805d ago

No, coming out next year.. :)

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ninjahunter806d ago

I like the sound of a next gen beard. I wonder if they could use something like this to make better grass. Oblivion seems to have been the peak of grass "technology" so far.

Skate-AK806d ago

That wolfs fur looks really good.

christrules0041806d ago

Imagine how hard it would be on your gpu if they had a pack of wolves surround you while beginning a fight.

Skate-AK806d ago

Wow. I just realized I totally spelt 'wolves' wrong. That was stupid haha.

shaneybo806d ago

Might be a silly question but will only this fur tech be available to people running the game with nvidia cards?

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