Raiden Vs Ryu Hayabusa - Who Would Win?

If Raiden from the Metal Gear series were to fight Ryu from Ninja Gaiden who would win the fight? We break down the caracters and see who would win in a fight.

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Lord_Sloth1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

MGS2? Hayabusa
MGS4? Could go either way. It would be an epic battle.
MGRR? Raiden

I'm not really sure where you get that isn't mentally strong and his agility is restricted. Seriously in Rising you're flipping all over the place slicing rockets into hundreds of pieces while upside down, running along exploding buildings while the shocks don't even slightly impede his balance, jumping from rocket to rocket, etc.

buffalo10661500d ago

i think its to do with raiden being all messed up from being a child soldier and stuff. hes got psychological issues. his wife had a miscarriage that caused him to go a bit nuts i think.

he is seriously awesome in rising though

NerdBurglars1500d ago

you gotta remember that most of this is written in a way that relates to the other character. Raiden was awesome in rising but compared to ryu he doesnt seem to be as impressive

randomass1711500d ago

Perhaps on a psychological level. But if you include his power and abilities in Rising, I think he's to powerful to be defeated by a far more normal ninja. Ryu Hayabusa is very skilled, but can he lift a Metal Gear Ray with his bare hands? I think not.

Dasteru1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Restricted agility? Don't make me laugh.

Ryu would be wiped out so fast, it wouldn't even be a "fight".

Ryu may be highly skilled as a ninja but Raiden is a cybernetically enhanced super ninja with several hundred times normal human strength, speed that would make Ryu's head spin, and a tech sword that can cut through nearly anything.

chrissx1500d ago

This is a mismatch lol. Hayabusa will be slashed to tiny lil bits by raiden

GeofferyPeterson1500d ago

Let's throw them both into a giant blender and see who comes out on top. Yum.

mhunterjr1500d ago

I thought it would be a consensus that ryu would win... When it comes to speed, agility, and reflexes, they are similar... But Ryu has magic...

Activemessiah1500d ago

Yaiba is more suited to fight Raiden :D

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The story is too old to be commented.