GTA 5 DLC: Possible Secret Apartment Locations Discovered

"One perceptive user uncovered prime locations Rockstar might use for player apartments in future DLCs."

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Lord_Sloth1504d ago

Still waiting on those Heists but a change of scenery could be fine. Maybe something more Classic and less Modern in design.

randomass1711504d ago

Fine tuning the matchmaking system would be good too. It's jarring to see high level and low level players mixed together.

1503d ago
Starbucks_Fan1503d ago

I know all the facts b*tch

ArtificiallyYours1504d ago

Still a ton of basic options not even controllable in menus, like total exclusion of Police. There's no use for scripted NPC's that have an overpowering use of the environment.

-Foxtrot1504d ago

When are we actually going to get single player DLC like the Ballad of Gay Tony....I mean they are spending too much time on the multiplayer.

KwietStorm1504d ago

Well you want them to do it right don't you?

-Foxtrot1504d ago

I want them to do it right but I also would like them to put the single player first over the multiplayer which ended up collapsing around them

Some developers can only do one or the other....they try to do both and they both suffer.

KwietStorm1504d ago

I'm sure it's not even the same people working on the single player. And single player always has different variables. They have to get all the actors back on a schedule, they have to program new AI, make sure the added story is actually worth it, etc. Multiplayer is more basic in approach, even though GTA V does it differently. But multiplayer is what keeps people playing these days, so it's expected.

Oschino19071503d ago

They suffer so much that after PC and next gen release it could potentially surpass 50million sold within a year...

Oh and multiplayer has only been getting better and better. Considering this is supposed to go on for years I would say it's on its way to dominate anything in its genre for years as well.

randomass1711503d ago

You're probably not going to see that long after GTA Online is perfected and finalized. If anything if you want more single player, you'll have to wait for GTA VI.

Massacred1503d ago

Right there with you. . . but as we all know, Rockstar works in mysterious ways.

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andrewsqual1503d ago

Don't care, Bully 2 please.

randomass1711503d ago

I'd love for us to get a Bully 2! :D

Derekvinyard131503d ago

Can't wait for the story dlc

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