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Submitted by john2 671d ago | video

Watch_Dogs - New Gameplay Footage From PAX East [Off-Screen]

PAX East is under way and Ubisoft is showing off a brand new demo for Watch Dogs. (PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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john2  +   671d ago
For those wondering, PC footage. Notice the PC at the bottom left of the video (also running on a single GPU).
monochromer  +   671d ago
Wow, now I regret preordering this on the efficient PS4! These marginal graphic differences are really worth all the trouble of PC gaming, and I never knew!

Psychotica  +   671d ago
Well if it was for only a single game it wouldn't be worth it but since it's for just about every PC vs console comparison there is then it might be worth it. Of course it's not just the visuals, it's also the performance, if it's laggy or not.
lets_go_gunners  +   671d ago 60+fps is marginally better than 30?
frostypants  +   671d ago
Just stop.
beeraineayp   671d ago | Spam
CoLD FiRE  +   671d ago
@lets_go_gunners It's marginal when we're talking PC vs Consoles but when it's PS4 vs X1 every little bit of difference counts. That's console fanboys logic!
badboy776  +   671d ago
PS4 has the advantage With DLC.
esemce  +   671d ago
Marginal ? 1440p @ 60fps with the possibility of 4k and mods etc vs <1080p 30fps and no mods.

Don't fool yourself, there is a reason some graphics cards cost more than PS4/Xbone.
SITH  +   671d ago
Really badboy776? PS4 has a DLC advantage for Watch Dogs!?

PC available DLC at launch. This is why I got the PC version.

Source: Steam

Purchase Watch_Dogs™ Deluxe Edition now and receive the following bonus items:

• Rewards: Chicago South Club skin
• Perk: Driving boost: More Hit Points to Vehicles

• 15 minutes additional gameplay
• Reward: VEHICLE EXPERT PERK: Get free vehicles from your Underground Car Contact and earn discounts on select cars.

• 20 minutes additional gameplay
• Rewards:

• 20 minutes additional gameplay
• Rewards:
- INVESTIGATION BONUS: Unlock more investigation opportunities inside the network databanks.
- ATM HACK BOOST: Boost your cash rewards when hacking bank accounts.

• 60 min of additional gameplay – 4 exclusive missions
• A unique DedSec White Hat Hacker suit unlocked upon completion of the missions.
• Hacking Boost (Add 1 Battery Slot)
• A deeper knowledge of DedSec, an important faction in the Watch_Dogs universe.

PS4 available DLC at launch. Source: Gamestop

Pre-order Watch_Dogs and receive the GameStop_Exclusive Palace_Pack!

Includes a Single-Player_Mission + rewards for mission completion.
Rewards include:
• _Investigation Bonus: Unlock exclusive investigation opportunities inside the network
• _ATM Hack Boost: Boost your cash rewards when hacking bank accounts

While supplies last.
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Dynasty2021  +   671d ago
Enjoy your downgraded, lower resolution games at less than 60 FPS then.

120hz says high.
SlapHappyJesus  +   671d ago
"marginal"; "rather evident".

What are words, anyway?
n4rc  +   671d ago
Blah... I have a new PC.. Built like a champ with a decent gfx card..

Yet I simply can't be bothered to play any game on it really.. Sad as it may be, achievements are the main reason for that.. Lol

Ignored them for years.. Just blew threw most games and got what I got.. Then I started caring as friends can kinda compete to get them all first or whatever..

So really.. I have a PC to game on.. And I know first hand how much better PC games can run.. Yet still do all my gaming on my xbox
duplissi  +   671d ago
Love the passive aggressive tone here, feel the need to justify your purchase? Just stop.
N4g_null  +   670d ago
Thanks monochrome now I have no reason to buy it for the ps4. Look at all the dlc coming to the pc with a possible 4k upgrade when I finally get my 4k tv. Possible mods and the ability to make mods is going to be fun. 64 gigs of ram is $300 pretty much i7 and your card of choice and you can get in on making gaming graphics too! Why ask for something when you can make it?
bjshepp  +   671d ago
Actually this was confirmed to be running on a PS4 dev kit.
starchild  +   671d ago
Why do people care so much about what it was running on? The quality of the video is too low to notice any differences anyway. The PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions would all look basically the same in a low quality video like this.
BeathuberCH   671d ago | Spam
extermin8or  +   671d ago
@BeathuberCH because the game hasn't gone gold yet... @starchild because of the PC only fags that were going on about "how much better it looked" in this video as it was pc footage when ofc n one can tell.
Jaambi  +   670d ago
@BeathuberCH You do realize that DEVKIT's are used in the development of games right?
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imt558  +   670d ago
So, it's a PS4 gameplay CONFIRMED!
bjshepp  +   670d ago
I get down voted for stating facts. Typical of N4G.
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HavokPants  +   670d ago
nope ps4 its confirmed it was that. wait for confirmation before you spread misinformation and no im not a sony drone getting all third party games on wii u ps4 for exclusives infamous im getting a ,god of war then im getting pc IM NOT A SONY DRONE
Give_me_head_strong  +   670d ago
You're wrong, it's the PS4 dev kit version.
Yerr  +   669d ago
Aw that's cute, cuz it's ps4. Aw yerr

Jonathan Morin:
sander9702  +   671d ago
I'm so glad that i pre-ordered this for PC with the latest trailer showing of the magnificent graphics on it!
46 days left guys!
TRD4L1fe  +   671d ago
you say it as if there is a massive difference in graphics between systems.

The game is going to look beautiful, even on the WiiU
sander9702  +   671d ago
I never said it would look bad on the other machines I just prefer the PC version that's all! :)
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JP1369  +   671d ago
The visual difference is significant and it does it at twice the frame rate.
duplissi  +   671d ago
I'm glad he mentioned the console versions... oh wait....
Benjaminkno  +   671d ago
It's all about "GAMEPLAY"...

I'm inclined to believe the WiiU version will outshine all others.
They've got one of the best development teams in Europe. The're going to do it justice. I'm glad they're not competing with MarioKart 8. WiiU is going to have an even better year than the last.
christrules0041  +   670d ago
If it's all about the gameplay wouldn't you want a higher frame rate then? How then will the Wii U version outshine the PC version?
Meltic  +   671d ago
Im going for ps4. I only have ge force gtx 680 , 8 gb ram and i5 320ghz. I want a good fps and not so laggy. And i Think ps4 is not that bad.
Xdone  +   671d ago
"I only have ge force gtx 680 , 8 gb ram and i5 320ghz."

You've got an amazing rig mate =)

Meltic (below)

I certainly thinks so meltic :) that gtx 680 is a great card.
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Meltic  +   671d ago
is it enough for high on WD on pc :O ?
Amiroo  +   671d ago
"is it enough for high on WD on pc ? "
more than enough. you can max the hell out of it with 4xTXAA and stuff or safer: 2xTXAA and 60fps on 1080p or even more. don't worry PS4's exclusive contents are also avaliable on pc too on day one. guess what ? it's 45$ on steam
Meltic  +   671d ago
Thanks for all replys. I want to try out the 4xTXAA and the HBAO. See how Beautiful it is. Yeah i will preorder it now on steam :):)
aliengmr  +   671d ago
$45 on Steam? Are you sure? Because it clearly says $59.99 usd. Do you mean euros?

Just explain the price, if you could.
extermin8or  +   671d ago
Ummm are you sure I'm 100% certain that watch dog' reccomended specs are higher than that.... CPU wise for sure... and recommended specs isn't usually even high/max....
Amiroo  +   670d ago
sorry, i meant 55.99$ yeah, now it jumps to 59.99$. i bought it at 55$

sometimes the recommended spect are just too much, but i'm sure he will be fine
HaveAsandwich  +   671d ago
a 680? and you're worried? try my hd 6670....
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   671d ago
same... dual 6950s probably won't run this game any better either. :(
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Psychotica  +   671d ago
I have a gtx 670 FTW, 16GB ram, i5 etc etc and I am getting it for my PC even though I have a PS4 as well.
trancefreak  +   671d ago
Nice! I don't understand why some people complain when you own a nice PC RIG, and decide not to buy it for your console; We get ridiculed by making the statement of where the purchase goes.

A lot of people have nice PC's and consoles and it's about preference. I will buy on the PC if it is a better experience period. My GTX 680 is 2 years old and still thumping games.
#3.4.1 (Edited 671d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
extermin8or  +   671d ago
@trancfreak The question could be asked why someone with a good PC gets even more shit lobbed at them if they say they want to get a game on consoles instead. IT'S THEIR CHOICE. Personally I hope some of the people on this thread being dicks find the game unplayble when they get the game regardless of what they own it on, maybe find out a batch of the discs were keyed/downloads corrupted and it mysteriously only effected them....
christrules0041  +   670d ago
The big benefit of getting on pc over the ps4 is when we do upgrade our rigs if we loved a game we couldn't max out we can go back and crank up the settings. I don't think many people will be running it in 4k this year.
N4g_null  +   670d ago
Extermin8tor.... no one is lobbing any thing at console gamers? The facts are the facts. It will run better on a good pc. Gamers have good pcs. The dlc and preformance will be better. Possible mods and more content. Can use any controller... yes even the wiiu if you like to hack for real. Some pretty old hardware could run this game actually. Isn't that what is in the xbone and ps4?
123pol  +   671d ago
add 8 gb of ram .. 10$ and overklock your CPU and youll be fine with over 30 fps.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   671d ago
lol you have no idea about PCs do you xD that is actually nice rig.
Stapleface  +   671d ago
Yesterday you had a "ge force gtx 700" lol, and an i7 3770.. And was asking if you could play it on that. Is this a second pc or are you just confused?
aLiEnViSiToR  +   671d ago
rofl you are right O_o

i think he just trollin' us or just has zero knowledge about PC components.
Stapleface  +   671d ago
randomass171  +   671d ago
Like Phoenix Wright, point out the inconsistencies and it creates a string of new questioning. ;)
esemce  +   671d ago
Lol you are trolling right? a GTX680 destroys the PS4.
If you want to play at 30fps and medium graphics settings get the PS4 version.

You want to go higher get it on PC, and remember if you upgrade your PC in future you can then replay the game at even higher settings it's a no brainer.

No console version will look as good as this:
ILive  +   671d ago
How do u know its gonna be medium graphics settings? You say it like you've played both versions, right? You just make yourself sound foolish.
TheGrimReaper  +   671d ago
780M GTX, 8GB RAM, i7 4700HQ

Could add another 8GB RAM but I'll still get it on my PS4.

I don't know how well my rig will handle WD, haven't read enough about WD requirements (despite the min. 8GB RAM)
Thomaticus  +   671d ago
I really wish I hadn't clicked on that video. The PC Makes the PS4 version look like it's the PS3 version. I may need to build (or have someone else build) me a PC.
N4g_null  +   670d ago
Wow I may get this on steam now. Looking good. With nvidia backing them you know we are not looking at bull shots. I'm really tired of all the console bs going on also. All the lieing and money hatting. The bs specs pushing and the fanboy talk is really dragging down this hobbyists ability to respect fellow gamers. I'm sure the developers feel the same.
wannabe gamer  +   671d ago
ONLY HAVE....dude a 680 is way more than enough. wtf are you even saying it like that for, i mean you have to joking to even talk like that.
zeldapkmn  +   671d ago
is a dual 750m sli with an i7-4700mq good enough?
wannabe gamer  +   670d ago
yea... wait 750m sli? m as in mobile? i didnt know they did sli like that...
#3.9.2 (Edited 670d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
SlapHappyJesus  +   671d ago
That would mean we have, essentially, the same rig. All I have to say is that I am not worried about running Watchdogs extremely well.
duplissi  +   671d ago
wut? lulz. You will be able to play that just fine with your rig.
boeso  +   671d ago
I am a PC gamer.
zsquaresoff  +   671d ago
Here's a cookie.
frostypants  +   671d ago
I'm a Colecovision player.
MeLoveRamen  +   671d ago
whelp you certainly achieved greatness in this life:/
randomass171  +   671d ago
I'm an anything awesome gamer. :P
Benjaminkno  +   671d ago
You and more than half of all gamers. Don't you know this is the frontlines of mindless video game console wars!!

You know how this works!! Ps4 has BETTER graphics than NINTENDO AND XBOX!!!

bloodybutcher  +   670d ago
No, you are not! Look at all those disagrees! People have spoken.
maddawg93  +   671d ago
I don't know much about PC gaming but this is the rig I own. will this be good enough for Watch Dogs?
Processor 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB

Edit: I think I might still get it for the PS4 though
#5 (Edited 671d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
randomass171  +   671d ago
Well, I can already tell you that that's better than my laptop lol. I think you'll be able to run the game, albeit at lower settings.
MelvinTheGreat  +   671d ago
No problem maxing out all settings
OWWO  +   671d ago
more than enough
#5.3 (Edited 671d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
OWWO  +   671d ago
i mistaken it for desktop PC.shit
esemce  +   671d ago
Yes those specs are more than enough, Hook your laptop up to your HDTV get a wired 360 controller or DS4 and your set, plus the PC version will cost about £20 less.
tee_bag242  +   671d ago
What a waste of a good PC.
Plagasx  +   671d ago
Wow...please upload a full video I hate this crap.
john2  +   671d ago
hopefully Ubisoft will release an official trailer when PAX East ends? Or someone else captures more of it during the event.
matrixman92  +   671d ago
i wasnt even paying attention to the game, that girl is beautiful.
mcarsehat  +   671d ago
after a great deal of thought......yes, i would bang the redhead with the microphone.
123pol  +   671d ago
Lets all brag about our computer specs and pretend we dont know its good or bad.

does my
Ovecklocked i5 3570k 4.2 ghz
7970 ghz editon overklocked
16 gb of ram
be able to handle watchdogs om max ??

Hint *Yes it will*
not sure if im going to buy it on PC though , i like console gaming more.
frostypants  +   671d ago
I had the same thought...glad I'm not alone.
#9.1 (Edited 671d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
tee_bag242  +   671d ago
No joke, what's the deal with that?
Stapleface  +   670d ago
I know you tried to be funny, but the reality is that your NOT going to be able to max this game out. MAYBE if you sli'd those 680's you could max it out, but as it is, your not going to touch 4k on ultra. I'm not even going to pretend I could max it out on my 780ti because I know it's not true. Yes I will be able to run it on ultra in 1080p. but maxing it out, nope, not gonna happen.
123pol  +   670d ago
dont know what post you read but i dont have a 680. and today when you max out a game its highest settings in 1080p witch i will be able to run.

sure i wont be able to run 4k but thats not what maxed out means..
Stapleface  +   670d ago
lol Your right, getting my conversations mixed up.. You win. I don't see a need to debate with someone who doesn't have any bubbles left. Mostly because I'm all out of them too!!
antikbaka  +   671d ago
this game should be named - Watch the wet asphalt Dog. other graphic is crappy
mysteryraz11  +   671d ago
eh infamous second son looked better
Plagasx  +   671d ago
What? Watch Dogs has way more stuff going on and the city is more detailed than inFAMOUS...
mysteryraz11  +   671d ago
nah infamous second son looks way better, this looks like a last gen game in comparison
FinalomegaS  +   671d ago
you actually can't make that comparison, since we don't have infamous SS on PC and you are comparing it to an off screen showing?

But you might want to keep in check that infamous is an offline play game with some minor online technical working.

We don't even know what PC setup is being used for this demo.
Lawboy2  +   671d ago
Every car in a ford
starchild  +   671d ago
Infamous SS is a very nice looking game, but some of you way overhype it. The LOD is very aggressive in Infamous SS and they try to hide it with a DOF effect but you can still see how low the detail becomes on objects not near the camera. A lot of the textures are also fairly low res, and the game lacks dynamic shadows from the majority of local light sources. The water also looks pretty meh, and the puddles don't even react to you walking through them. The city also doesn't seem as detailed or alive as Watch Dogs' city.

Anyway, I don't know why someone always has to bring up Infamous Second Son in every Watch Dogs article. I'm sure both games can be considered to look fantastic in their own right. But if you think Watch Dogs on a good PC won't look better than Infamous SS you're crazy.
N4g_null  +   670d ago
Must be second son dev team trolling. Or ps4 afraid that it's power argument will get marginalized.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   671d ago
Would have like to see a better quality and longer video of that demo... or better yet try it out my self :D
FinalomegaS  +   671d ago
PC GPU GTX 780 3GB coupled with 16 to 24GB RAM and a intel i7 Extreme processor 4.2Gz~4.9Gz. SSD 10X speed...

If i can run Titanfall at 1080P @ 90FPS in benchtest then this will be no problem.

i just hope there is some good replay value... because i've been noticing how i lose interest in Ubi games after a certain period or after i finish them.
agame914   671d ago | Trolling | show
agame914   671d ago | Bad language | show
GROTSTOMPA  +   671d ago
They lost my interests when they officially disclosed that it will be Uplay mandatory on PC. I'm extremely disappointed as I really think this will be a great game. They will never receive my support again until they remove double logging with Uplay and Steam. Thanks
john2  +   671d ago
According to the latest reports, UPLAY will be used only for authentication.
GROTSTOMPA  +   671d ago
I'll look into this even more then, I really appreciate your input! It would really be a downer as this game looks really fun, however I've been told and read the complete opposite of what you just typed. Not sure why I got a disagree when 99% of the PC community doesn't want this to happen. No one in their right mind wants Uplay and Steam running at once when they actually understand the technical problems with Uplay and double logging. Thanks
#16.1.1 (Edited 671d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
aliengmr  +   671d ago

I personally haven't had any issues with Uplay and Steam being used at the same time. That's just how its been. I don't care really because Uplay updates properly and doesn't get in the way really.

I get that people take issue with Uplay, I respect that, but I'm curious about the surprise about it requiring Uplay. Most Ubi titles launch Uplay after launching from Steam, at least that's how it works for me. I assum that is exactly how it will work this time.

I guess I don't really get what's different this time. Like what's the difference between this and AC Black Flag?
GROTSTOMPA  +   670d ago
Hey John, this seems like it answers everything, which is what I was referring to:

Just read the discontent in a PC based forum on PC Gamer, and it doesn't stop there, it's in every forum involved with Uplay discussion. There's a reason why it's an entire article on PC gamer and many websites.

@Aliengmr, I feel I'm being reasonable here when I say that being forced to run two DMR services, or two authentication programs at the same time isn't necessary and does cause issues: 1,000's of gamers have had their internet shut down due to Uplay and so have I, it's all over the forums, much like the known WoW bug from way back that was patched; If Steam goes down on occasion and it does, I won't be able to play because Ubisoft's "amazing" Uplay service doesn't recognize that I own their very-OWN game if I load Uplay by itself to play, even though it's installed through their service and on my Uplay account, it requires steam for authentication, which I'm sorry to say makes absolutely no sense that I'm forced to run both because neither one of them know that I own the game independently. There are so many more issues I didn't experience and many others did, that I'm not labeling.

Sure I could buy W.D on Uplay alone, but every single person I know is on Steam (the point is it's FORCED), hardly a single person plays anything on Uplay unless they are forced to and as a gamer I should be able to choose, that's the reality of it, the majority of PC players refuse to play on Uplay as a norm because of the problems Uplay causes within their game servers, their entire service has destroyed their multiplayer games. Just because there's a singleplayer based game being released doesn't mean I'm going to support their bad business ethics. Farcry 3 is still destroyed online, read the forums, Ubisoft has ignored their player community in the forums for over 2 years now, they offer no solutions, with no responses. They released several games that were broken for months and the amount of trouble -most- PC players have to go through to get their games working is beyond reasoning. Again, to support them is like supporting Battlefield 5 after BF4. You morally shouldn't do it. There are plenty of other great games out there and Ubisoft has taken no strides to support their PC players online.

Okay For AC Black flag I didn't purchase because it's forced on Uplay and the reasons I listed above. Uplay acts different for some people, but I know that all of my friends, and most of the PC community has had problems with it, hints why Uplay forums, and gaming news sites are littered with discontent. The only people disagreeing with my post are literally and likely trolls, or people playing on console who don't understand, maybe even 1-2 people who have only played singleplayer games on Uplay. Thanks for the reasonable comment Alien, I do appreciate it honestly. Thanks
#16.1.3 (Edited 670d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   671d ago
I'm getting watch dogs, but won't be the limited edition even though i want the extra missions.
hOoDnErD  +   671d ago
Who cares what it's running on... I just want to play it!
AceBlazer13  +   671d ago
Are things so sad in pc land they butt there way into the petty squabbles of us console peasants? why not measure ram sticks with your fellow pc elitists and stfu.
lesrima88  +   671d ago
If I was only able to afford the downgraded version on console I would be pissed of too lol!
Farsendor1  +   671d ago
from what i could see the game looks pretty good when it comes to graphics not as good as reveal but still pretty good, cant wait to see my steel case for this game.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   671d ago
Forget the game what's the name of that sexy red head.
CodeNameTBW2  +   671d ago
Why is a Woman telling me about a video game?
Plagasx  +   671d ago
Jesus, how is there not another video up of this demo???!
tee_bag242  +   671d ago
Seems like a lot of folks are picking this one up on PC. Good move.
gammaray13  +   671d ago
Ubisoft can stick this game where there sun dont shine, yeah and good one Ubisoft look after the pirates cos you will only sell 2 copies to real people on PC but if you done the right thing for PS4 and X1 owners you would have sold heaps, I think in my eyes Ubisoft has taken over from EA as the worst ever company
OWWO  +   671d ago
well guess what UR CONSOLE IS WEAK. wont be able to handle the things they have done on PC
Dspdspes  +   671d ago
Again pc vs consoles?

To anyone that says that pc version is not superior to anything else..... You need glasses.

That said, i own a Ps4 and cannot wait to play the game. I would love to have the money/time to build and configure a decent PC, but with a 3 year old kid...... Consoles are a lifesaver for me. Sure the graphics are "worse" than the pc, but I hope the gameplay experience and fun factor to be equal on all the plats.

So, enjoy the game in the platform of your choice and have fun, guys.

PS: PC is awesome, but in my eyes so are consoles. My opinion only.

Aaaaaaand here, a potato XD
UsUcK  +   671d ago
Lets give the pc kids a hug.
n1ko_117  +   670d ago
Okay, I am confused, which platform is getting more exclusive DLC? I see the PS4 version is getting an hour of content and the palace mission and the white hat hacker suit. Meanwhile the PC version is only getting the Blume Agent Pack. There is a deluxe version for $20 more that includes a bunch of other DLC but it seems like the PS4 has more for less. I can't decide which platform to get this game on, my PC only has a GTX 650 Ti in it and my PS4 needs more games.
Flyingdog670  +   670d ago
I wanna build a gaming PC soooo bad! But i don't know if i can do it v.v, always been a console guy my whole life. Anyone got any tips for a starter? :)
matrixman92  +   670d ago
get ready to spend a whole lot of money
hagverdy  +   670d ago
You guys are fucktards ,it has been confirmed that this was ps4 gameplay footage , by the lead designer of watch dogs. Search on twitter for design_cave
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