Here’s the next batch of game franchises that Disney should rip off next

See what games like Titanfall, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, and others would look like with Disney characters in them.

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NagaSotuva1264d ago

I'm surprised someone else remembers The Black Hole. I'll never see EarthBound the same way.

Sadie21001264d ago

Monsters Inc Hunter will give kids nightmares. Sorta ironic in a way given the subject matter.

JeffGrubb1264d ago

Uh, I would play the crap out of a Zelda-style Arthur game.

ColManischewitz1264d ago

Buzz Lightyear in StarCraft -- I'd play that.

Lifeequals421264d ago

More blood and guts. *picturing duck roast from the last one*

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