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Submitted by RuleNumber5 599d ago | news

'Watch Dogs' dev on PS4 & Xbox One: Didn't know what 'the hell they would be'

Watch Dogs is setting up to be a game that could ultimately define how we view multi-player and single player within the context of a new generation's environment. With that said, Ubisoft didn't always know that Watch Dogs was going to be on certain consoles, when you consider the current state of the PS4 and Xbox One. In fact, there was quite a large amount of uncertainty surrounding what exactly the PS4 and Xbox One would ultimately be. (PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

GamerXD  +   599d ago
"It's not an easy thing to do that when you code for a console one way and then you come back in the next day and it's different."

I guess that's the reason why the game doesn't look as good as inFamous: SS .
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Septic  +   599d ago
"I guess that's the reason why the game doesn't look as good as inFamous: SS ."

Well Watchdogs has a lot more going on in its world for a start. A LOT more.
GamerXD  +   599d ago
You can add that. I know Watch Dogs is bigger and has a living environment with loads of AI.

Anyway, All I'm going to do with WD is chase criminals before starting some missions. (Wanna build a good reputation :D)
DragonKnight  +   599d ago
The thing with Infamous SS is that, yeah it's a pretty game, but I feel they spent too much time on the pretty and forgot to flesh out the game in other areas.

Don't get me wrong, I love the game a lot, but Infamous 1 and 2 had so much more to offer and were actually bigger than Second Son as well. You can see the priorities for Second Son were very different than they were for the first two games.

Watch Dogs I would say is more in line with the first two Infamous games in terms of a complete experience, but obviously with more added to it.
Shadonic  +   599d ago
watch dogs 6 different platforms with a lot more to do

Infamous 1 platform with barely anything to do besides replaying the game or waiting for papertrails.
Dynasty2021  +   599d ago
And Infamous SS looks about as good as games did back in 2010.

Stop banging that ISS drum. It's not THAT pretty of a game.

"Graphics we've had since 2010, a short story and NOTHING to do in the world! WAHAY! PS4! PS4!"
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DragonKnight  +   599d ago
Obvious ignorant troll is obviously ignorant.
ramiuk1  +   598d ago
i dont understand your disagrees.

you right.

sucker punch will have had the exact info needed to code for second son,were as 3rd party devs will have had rough specs .
marlinfan10  +   598d ago
id give up graphics for content any day of the week
2cents  +   599d ago
This just proves that watchdogs isn't really a dedicated next gen title. Making a game on a hope and a prayer, not even knowing final specs or architecture but still guesstimating what they might be creates safe bets and no pushing of unique hardware.

Games that have started development since the launch of the new consoles can be considered 'next gen titles'. This is a bridging game that will be good but not a benchmark of what can be achieved. Maybe watchdogs 2.

Im really looking forward to watchdogs and I'm not trying to take anything away from this great title, but its getting boring having waited so long that most of the initial excitement has waned due to so many changes, delays and issues.
incendy35  +   599d ago
That NVidia tech demo for Watch Dogs is impressive. Maybe one of the games that is best to get on PC.
jeromeface  +   599d ago
All games are best to get on pc...
incendy35  +   599d ago
Depends for me, for example Mass Effect not having Controller support made me enjoy the console versions more. Titanfall, I enjoy more on X1 because most of my friends are playing it there.

Can't argue with graphics though, PC's always offer the best graphics on games.
curtis92  +   599d ago
I love seeing comments like "I'm losing interest, too many delays"

So... the thing that interested you about the game initially -- THE GAMEPLAY -- has now taken a backseat to the TIMING of release? What!?

After so many games are rushed to the market that are either half of a game or a broken game altogether, you honestly are going get onto Ubi for delaying the game and giving it their all to make a properly awesome open world game?

Then you all bash them because the PC footage they showed 2 years ago doesn't quite look as good on ps4 (which they didn't know the specs of at the time, had to take a shot in the dark).

God there is NO pleasing some people. Just complain about anything and everything. I dont know if its something personal in your life making you this way but damn. Get a grip.
RebelWAC  +   599d ago
I understand what you´re saying Curtis but I haven´t seen anyone on this comment section say that they are losing interest. On the contrary, I´ve seen more and more people gaining interest the closer we get to the realese date discussing pros/cons around gameplay.

The issue people have with the "downgrade" is just an example of us gamers pet peeves and really nothing to be bothered by imo.

If UBI can pull this one off with all the bs that´s been floating around this IP, gamers will rejoice over their accomplishment. I know I will.
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heisenberguk  +   599d ago
People are saying it because they're frustrated about how Ubisoft has handled this game and you can't blame them! Not showing ACTUAL footage then hinting that the footage they have shown having a different platform's buttons mapped onto them! It's annoying that this close to release nobody knows what their platform of choice's version looks like!
USMC43  +   599d ago
"Then you all bash them because the PC footage they showed 2 years ago doesn't quite look as good on ps4 (which they didn't know the specs of at the time, had to take a shot in the dark)."

The games been in development for 4 years. You honestly believe one of the worlds largest developers/publishers didn't know the specs of the next gen consoles? I don't know whether you're being naive or you're just dumb.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   598d ago
Yea if you have a 1000 dollars to waste on a PC. PS4 version won't look nearly as good.
Meltic  +   598d ago
BS. IT will look almost as good. Ps4 is just missing TXAA and HBAO features they said.
madworldps4  +   599d ago
those Developer teams are the worst layers I ever seen so f!@#$k theme man..
elhebbo16  +   599d ago
no they're not. they just got caught up in the wrong time (cross gen stage) with one of the worst publishers (ubisoft). I say they are actually doing pretty good for a dev team under those circumstances.
FlameWater  +   599d ago
Watch Dogs yay!
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Mega24  +   599d ago
Graphics, graphics graphics, graphics. Graphics.

Thats all what matters? This new breed of gamers r ruining the industry, GTAV didnt have inpresive graphics, still was a pretty fun game. Insurgency on pc doesnt have the world's greatest graphics like Crysis, yet its gameplay is fun and tactical, unlike crysis that it dull and boring.
BattleTorn  +   598d ago
GTA V'a graphics were most definitely impressive, consider the scale & scope of Los Santos!
YodaCracker  +   598d ago
GTA V's graphics are one of the most impressive things about the game! The level of detail in the city is downright absurd, and the lighting is absolutely brilliant. The city can look almost photorealistic under the right time/weather conditions. All things considered, I'd say it's the best-looking PS3/360 game, and it can give any PS4/XB1 game a run for its money.
heisenberguk  +   598d ago
People like to look at pretty things(and not just in gaming)
BattleTorn  +   598d ago
I can't wait to be walking the streets of Chicago blatantly profiling sketchy looking individuals, and prying into their personal lives!
mysteryraz11  +   598d ago
ps4 version looks very good to e3 2013 footage was it and it looked fantastic
heisenberguk  +   598d ago
That was probably PC footage with the PS4 button layout(judging by the whole downgrade fiasco)
mysteryraz11  +   598d ago
Nah and the pax demo was ps4 footage as well
CertifiedGamer  +   598d ago
So the article says the game was made for seventh generation from the start.
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   598d ago
Sucks they can't jump on here, but it'll still be a great game to play. The size of chicago is amazing and so filled with life, it's awesomely awesome to look at, each car behaves differently, interact with NPC and human players so it has PvP action. The console versions of WATCHDOGS looks fantastic, i already know that PC will better blah blah blah, but would careless about because i don't care for PC anyway. I'm gonna have a blast playing this.
Skate-AK  +   598d ago
We will see. It's pretty easy to see a resolution difference.

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