Romanian retailer lists Grand Theft Auto 5 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Altex, a major retailer from Romania lists Grand Theft Auto 5 for current generation consoles and is taking pre-orders.

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Am-No-Hero1016d ago

Oh man it will be a massive year but we are in April so !

ArchangelMike1016d ago

Yeah sure, but why does it always have to be some obsure retailer in Eastern Europe.

But I know I'll definately be getting GTA V when it drops for PS4.

It will indeed be a massive year for open world games - Infamous, Watchdogs, ESO, Destiny, The crew. Man my wallet won't be able to keep up :)

Phene1016d ago

lol I know right ...freakin romania ..that place sounds made up

guitarded771016d ago

GTAV is inevitable. I want some Dark Souls II on PS4/X1.

Walker1016d ago

Just Confirm it alongside TLOU:R this would be a great year !

hay1016d ago

Having friends at various places I can say you can keep your wallet ready, it's going to happen. I know mine is tingling with anticipation.

Bonkerz1016d ago

This is a game i will definitely buy on X1, especially since i did not get to play it on Xbox 360. I love all the GTA series especially with the online and they all have amazing replay.

giovonni1016d ago

Man, it was the best Grand Theft Auto to date. I can't wait to get it for the x1 myself. It showed that the 360 still had a lot of gas in the tank

Wikkid6661016d ago (Edited 1016d ago )

Is the XBO even released there?

ReNeGaDe1241016d ago

Officialy, no. But they import from other countries and sell them.

Farsendor11016d ago

its obvious by this point the game is coming to current consoles, when is the only question.

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The story is too old to be commented.