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Romanian retailer lists Grand Theft Auto 5 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Altex, a major retailer from Romania lists Grand Theft Auto 5 for current generation consoles and is taking pre-orders. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS4, Xbox One)

Am-No-Hero  +   386d ago
Oh man it will be a massive year but we are in April so !
ArchangelMike  +   386d ago
Yeah sure, but why does it always have to be some obsure retailer in Eastern Europe.

But I know I'll definately be getting GTA V when it drops for PS4.

It will indeed be a massive year for open world games - Infamous, Watchdogs, ESO, Destiny, The crew. Man my wallet won't be able to keep up :)
Phene  +   386d ago
lol I know right ...freakin romania ..that place sounds made up
guitarded77  +   386d ago
GTAV is inevitable. I want some Dark Souls II on PS4/X1.
Walker  +   386d ago
Just Confirm it alongside TLOU:R this would be a great year !
hay  +   386d ago
Having friends at various places I can say you can keep your wallet ready, it's going to happen. I know mine is tingling with anticipation.
Bonkerz  +   386d ago
This is a game i will definitely buy on X1, especially since i did not get to play it on Xbox 360. I love all the GTA series especially with the online and they all have amazing replay.
giovonni  +   386d ago
Man, it was the best Grand Theft Auto to date. I can't wait to get it for the x1 myself. It showed that the 360 still had a lot of gas in the tank
Wikkid666  +   386d ago
Is the XBO even released there?
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ReNeGaDe124  +   386d ago
Officialy, no. But they import from other countries and sell them.
Farsendor1  +   386d ago
its obvious by this point the game is coming to current consoles, when is the only question.
aiBreeze  +   386d ago
This is likely going to end up as one of the worst kept secrets of the year. Maybe that's just wishful thinking but it makes a lot of sense for Rockstar to release a next gen version.
TheTowelBoy  +   386d ago
SuperBlur  +   386d ago
because that cow (GTAV) is not yet dead . most stores i go to always have limited quantities of gta v copies.
globeofgamers  +   386d ago
They better make the official announcement.
kewlkat007  +   386d ago
I still have not played this.. Maybe I'll get it on theONE..
Massacred  +   386d ago
I heard just about enough of company X or person Y in country Z list GTA V as coming for PS4 and PC. Untill this is actually confirmed, I'm done.
turgore  +   386d ago
It was true for the last of us.
SuperBlur  +   386d ago
yea but it didn't take half a year for naughty dog to confirm it hehe
Derekvinyard13  +   386d ago
How many of these we gonna see
Skate-AK  +   386d ago
Only a matter of time really.
DFogz  +   382d ago
It's most likely coming, but not on that date. Games don't release on Sunday

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