Amazon UK Price Matches Titanfall Xbox One Bundle Down to £349

Yesterday the British retailer ASDA Direct dropped the price of the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle to £349 and it didn’t take long for the price matching dance to start, much to the joy of those that are on the fence on purchasing an Xbox One in the UK.

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pandaboy1505d ago

Effectively that is a £130 price drop since launch (although you could get a free game at launch too with forza/fifa) because of the bundled game and now makes it £50 cheaper than the ps4. I wonder how much of a hit MS is taking from this and how much of it is just the retailer taking reduced profits to move stock. I wouldn't say this is desperation but is a clear sign that MS is worried by the sales and lack of impact Titanfall has had.

Abriael1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

MS is taking no hits. When a price cut is sponsored by Microsoft (or Sony) it happens across the board on all retailers.

This is one retailer taking a hit in the hope to sell more accessories and games for the console in the future, and a few others following in order to avoid losing market share.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft only stands to gain from this kind of discounts.

Eonjay1505d ago

Abriael is right. Also, looking at the Best Sellers, the bundle is way down, so it can be argued that Amazon also has nothing to lose. If they can sell more of these bundles, they can also sell more games for the Xbox. This is the key.

pandaboy1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

They will lose in the sense that retailers will order less stock in future and any official price drop will have less of an impact on boosting console sales since retailers can still hold a similar price point to the one they took a hit on.

It is worrying for Microsoft more than anything else. Simply put it shows a lack of demand for the Xbox.

ThePope1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )


The X1 is still selling at a good clip. And we are only a few months into this cycle.

You have to understand that all this doom and gloom is insanely premature. Install base with a large attach rate are the keys to success in this business. Even with the X1 selling 3/4 of the PS4, like all gens before it, Xbox gamers are buying games. THAT is all that matters.

You want proof? In 2012 what was the 3rd party support of the Wii like? Almost non-existent, since Wii owners didn’t buy games, even with 100 million Wiis sitting underneath peoples TV's, developers wanted nothing to do with it.

Mr Pumblechook1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

This is a very surprising discount because the discount is so high and reflects that in the UK retailers have had trouble moving Xb one units. If you want an Xbone and Titanfall its a good time to buy. But the discount IS direct from Microsoft who have sold some units at a loss to individual retailers to stimulate the market without appearing like they have had to make a second major discount in one month.

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TheHaydenator1505d ago

It would of sold more if MS hadn't forced the Kinect, it should've been optional from the start like the PS4 Camera

Death1505d ago

And the PS3 would have sold more and released a year earlier had they not forced Blu-ray. What's your point?

TheHaydenator1505d ago

Not alot of people want the Kinect and would gladly but an Xbox One if they made it optional

candy_mafia1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Why is it that any and every time the Xbox One is thrown into questionable doubt, people bring up PS3?

Talk about flogging a dead horse!

The price cut looks bad, and is bad for MS no doubt at all. Perception is reality, and it is perceived Xbox One is not selling great whether it is or not, since MS fail to provide any tangible sold to consumer data.

gazgriff2k121505d ago

price drops 6 months after release ouch things aint looking good ms

pompombrum1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

So for the same price of just a standalone PS4 console, you can now get an Xbox One, Titanfall and Kinect? While it doesn't paint a very pretty picture sales wise, it is a good deal at that price and hopefully helps the Xbox gain some more momentum in the UK. What Microsoft needs to do now is make the Xbox One compatible with the Sky box.. I mean they spent so much time bragging about the TV features at the Xbox One reveal yet still to this day it's not even supported in one of Microsoft's major countries.

razrye1505d ago

I read about the sky app on sky's website, no plans on bringing it out. Instead they wanna push the Now tv app.

RiPPn1505d ago

It's a good deal if the boxes where equivalent which they are not. Paying the same price for inferior hardware, a camera no one cares for and a game that has already seen significant discounts and sales, start factoring in these things and the deal isn't as great as it appears.

pompombrum1505d ago

That's not fair at all. while I didn't care for the kinect camera, it's grown on me and certainly has it uses. Titanfall hasn't seen much of a discount that I'm aware of and regardless, for those looking to invest in an X1, the console + Titanfall for £350 is a pretty good deal. The hardware might be somewhat inferior but still for gamers who care about the Xbox franchises and/or have a significant amount of friends on the Xbox platform, it represents good value for money.

DoesUs1505d ago

Sales muse be getting desperate! You aint going to reduce like this unless you have piles racked up not selling...

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