Here's Your Very First Look at Minecraft on the PS4 and Vita

Push Square, via Twitter: "Minecraft port house 4J Studios is known for being a little sneaky with its Twitter account, and the Scotland-based outfit has engaged in a spot of tomfoolery today. Posting about an Xbox Live Arcade sale featuring Perfect Dark – which it also worked on – the company wrote that it now has a “reason” to open a bottle of stashed rum, which it included a picture of. However, look closely at the photograph and you’ll get a first glimpse at both the PlayStation 4 and Vita versions of Mojang’s seminal construction game."

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NovusTerminus1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Looks kinda pixalated... >.>

Anywho, glad to see it coming along!

ZodTheRipper1224d ago

It's about time they release the PS4 version. I don't understand why Mojang doesn't hire more people, they make tons of cash every month?!

Sethry1011224d ago

Zod because then they would actually have to split the cash up a bit, cant do that! :P

elhebbo161224d ago

I think he meant the AA was low.

XisThatKid1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

think he was joking


Old_Prodigy1224d ago

@zod18 4jstudios is developing the PS4 version, so Mojang expanding their employee base wouldn't help speed up development.

ikkokucrisis1223d ago

^_^ everyone is so clever today

MazzingerZ1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Never played it, pricing on consoles seems expensive, my kids play it on PC and it looks fun for their age as they can build up stuff and so on but nothing for me, I like rather deeper gaming experiences...if I want to contribute to someone making money I rather put it on studios like Bungie or ND, their games leaves some kind of memories that stays with you through the years instead of someone making money from the same stuff. Minecraft seems to be a one-time hit and good for him.

Maybe I'm just old :-) I like the games that have a start and an end, like when I watched Anime on TV when I was a kid, characters grew up, died, etc Anime had character development and the story an end rather that keep going forever.

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No_Limit1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

LOL, Minecraft is supposed to be pixelated, as it is intentional. 1080p and 60fps on next gen consoles will not make a difference.

Am-No-Hero1224d ago

Thats right lol

its all about pixels

Farsendor11224d ago

LordMe was probably joking, i havent played anything of minecraft on any system and i know its supposed to look like that lol.

Whore_Mouth1224d ago

It adds more area to explore and mine.

Negative771223d ago

Look at the pic. Perfect??? LOL wow. Fanboys never disappoint!!!!

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Riderz13371224d ago

What did you expect? Uncharted level graphics for a Minecraft game?

Hellsvacancy1224d ago

Sarcasm dude, you don't have to be a genius to know when one is being sarcastic

I assume he is anyway

randomass1711224d ago

I think he was kiddin' bro.

frostypants1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Bubs for the successful (but funny) troll.

The_Infected1224d ago

I hope they hurry and release the next gen version I'm dying to start playing it again. Ever since I've went next gen it's turned into a waiting game.

Whore_Mouth1224d ago

Looks like no one got it.

Jaqen_Hghar1224d ago

A man accidentally gave you a downvote but made up for it with a "Funny" bubble. A man apologizes

Lord_Sloth1223d ago

You get bubbles just for being faceless.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx1224d ago

Already bought the game on Pc, Ps3, and 360 I don't want to go for a 4th time. Hopefully they have a free upgrade to ps3-ps4

mixelon1224d ago

I have it on PC, android, ios, 360 and PS3.. And i'm probably going to get it on vita and PS4 too - providing the ps4 version takes advantage of the better spec and isn't just a port of the previous gen version. :)

wannabe gamer1223d ago

how could it take advantage of better specs when it requires so little to run it at max potential already. if the versions already out there do not perform that well then id say something is very wrong.

mixelon1223d ago

@wannabe - MC needs RAM and storage.. Only the PC version for example has limitless world sizes and a long draw distance. The new console versions need to be closer to the PC version than the ps3 version.

Also, the fps on PS360 is awful in 4-way split screen.

vongruetz1224d ago

Is this confirmation that the Vita port is going to be a port of the console version and not a port of Minecraft PE? I hope so.

WeAreLegion1224d ago

It will be. Though I think I'd prefer Pocket Edition right now. They're working on much bigger worlds and the cart rails act like actual cart rails on Pocket Edition.

dodgemoose1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

PE controls are awful in my opinion. Will much prefer it with the Vita's physical button layout.

Ninjatogo1224d ago

They confirmed it would be the console version months ago.

randomass1711224d ago

At this point I think any game on both PS3 and Vita are straight up ports of each other.

WeAreLegion1224d ago

Can't wait. I hope the PS4 version looks better than the PS3 version. They're using the same code for all consoles, but I hope they improved the draw distance at least.

If you need to see proof that they're using the same code, just look it up on their Twitter account. I'm on a phone here. Lol.