Xbox Launches - The One Campaign

Team Xbox has today revealed The One Campaign in association with some of Youtube’s biggest gaming personalities. What this means is a set of challenges for all Xbox One gamers, where there’s a chance to be crowned “The One”.

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Lawboy21013d ago

this is actually kinda awesome...I wish they were doing plants v zomies..oh well atleast I can enter with titanfall and COD ghost

christocolus1013d ago

Yeah i think its a neat idea too. Pvz would have been great.

lifeisgamesok1013d ago

More exposure will be good for Microsoft

People need to see how great the games are and not fall for internet hype

randomass1711013d ago

Titanfall is definitely a stellar game. Like with Sony, more games are sure to come to Microsoft's new console.

its_JEFF1012d ago

more exposure... it's Microsoft! They have exposure, everyone in America, the world knows who Microsft is. What they need to do is reverse whatever negativity they built up last summer. There's a lot of people that don't know they reversed their policies since then.

incendy351012d ago

I really like this idea.. Going to fire up Dead Rising 3 tonight.

Skate-AK1012d ago

Promotions are always good.

GentlemenRUs1012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

The ONE(That-got-away).

That was totally worth the comment! I'm OUT!

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