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Possible Landfill Excavation of E.T. Games Could Be Harmless or Horrific

8CN: It was recently announced that a New Mexico landfill, where it is thought that millions of old copies of the infamously bad E.T. Atari game are buried, is set to be excavated. This could either be a great boon to the video game industry, totally harmless, or a terrible nightmare. Let me explain. (Atari, Culture, Retro, Xbox One)

chinlu  +   102d ago
Wtf I thought this was a satire post
Mr Pumblechook  +   102d ago
I'm sure it will make for a good documentary but what do they want with the cartridges?
mogwaii  +   102d ago
Satire because you didn't know that this is actually rumoured to of happened? It certainly is the coolest/strangest video gaming urban legend of our time and we may finally find out if its true. Would be a great sight to see.
DOOMZ  +   102d ago
It would be cool to see that!
Elwenil  +   102d ago
Well there goes the value of my ET cartridge, lol.
nirwanda  +   101d ago
Cover it in sand a say you found it in the desert and watch the price rocket on eBay.
Axonometri  +   101d ago
This is ridiculous. When and if they are recovered? Then what? I'm not wasting my money on it again, even if this one has someone's diaper goo on it!
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MasterCornholio  +   101d ago
Just give it to McHale. He likes soiling himself in adult diapers.
Massacred  +   101d ago
Just a video game excavation, I find it interesting personally.
SilentNegotiator  +   101d ago
The only value that could even come from this is if the cartridges get recycled. No one wants to play that turd and they aren't exactly in short supply. And it's not like it would be some shocking revelation; companies dumping something that they can't sell isn't new.
LKHGFDSA  +   101d ago
IMO they should leave the cartridges there to preserve the legend
Ripsta7th  +   101d ago
The catriges were buried onto cement though so even if it was recovered they would be useless
johny5  +   101d ago
Don't open Pandora's box...

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