Titanfall Xbox 360 Will Not Come To Games on Demand

A digital download version of Bluepoint Games’ Titanfall on the Xbox 360 is not in the works, according to EA support.

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TheSaint1320d ago

They've made a few weird decisions with this game.

Kingthrash3601320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

my guess is....360 tf sells = less x1 consoles sold. all the x1 hype and 0 hype for360 version. free tf with x1 spent alot on promoting tf for x1 ...not even a trailer or screen shot before 360 launched...that and the funny delay makes me think this.

bobsmith1320d ago

isnt it the same as installing so people arent supposed to install? like gta v

bohemian 231320d ago

There isn't an even a install option on the 360 version.

brich2331320d ago

They want our disc drives to wear and tear lol

brich2331320d ago

Thiers only an HD content install.

bobsmith1320d ago

dam thats crazy i get games on demand because i dont even like the 1 minute of disc spinning on start up

Kane221320d ago

damn they are going all out to make sure little people know about the 360 version....their barley advertizing it on 360

avidgamer11320d ago

Dude trust me though, I owned and played both versions. The x1 version is far and away the better and more enjoyable version of the two and the similarities are not even close to warrant any conspiracy theories that exists as the why there are no news provided by MS about the 360 version.

ger23961320d ago

Fair enough, I've only played the 360 version and its ok. Where are the reviews for the 360 version?

avidgamer11320d ago


Most websites just stick with their reviews from the xbox one version and add a section for the 360 version stating the graphical limitations of the game.

The content is all there, nothing is changed other than the obvious graphical limitations of the 360 version. I believe have a side by side comparison of all three versions of the game.

Wikkid6661320d ago

Funny... every time I turn my X360 on there is a giant Titanfall ad on the dash, so I think your logic doesn't make sense.

Kane221320d ago

what i mean is, outside xboxlive you don't see much titanfall adverts for 360. mainly only X1 version. hell even the pc version doesn't get as much.

Mac4201318d ago

That's because everything was riding on this game, an for some reason they thought it would sell like COD. Which makes no sense because, only about 4 million people own a One.

Think they really thought just because it was the creators of MW AN MW2 it would ship like 5 million consoles for them. Game is mediocre at best, gets dull within days of playing IMO. Glad redbox offered it, wouldn't have wanted to pay $60 for it.