Now That It's Been a Month - How Great is Titanfall? Order A Game Podcast 17. Video Games Podcast.

Now that the hype has died down, how great is Titanfall?

A month after release on the Xbox One and PC – The team discusses all things Titanfall from gameplay to graphics as well as all points good and bad.

Has Respawn really taken shooters in a new direction? How does the game stand up against other FPS games such as Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4.

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dontbhatin1472d ago

Its much better than Ghosts and I don't even know how to compare this game to BF4 so ill ignore that.

As much as i enjoy Titanfall, its nothing to praise like its such an amazing game. Its fun and pretty well balanced. Thats it.

randomass1711472d ago

For a brand new console, sometimes that's all you need IMO. Titanfall is a fantastic game for anyone who wants the Xbox One and a great system justifier. Can it shift people away from PS4? Probably not at all, but it's a great game for Xbox One regardless.

dontbhatin1472d ago

I will agree with your statement, But the biggest mistake i think was the fact that its not exclusive to the Xbox only. If that was the case then i think it would have really helped MS with some more system sales.

randomass1711472d ago

Yeah, that is very true. Not making it console exclusive to Xbox One may very well have hurt it in the long run, especially since the 360 port actually came out pretty good.

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MeLoveRamen1472d ago

great system justifier wouldn't be on the last gen 360 though.

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It is a great game. I hope it is a sign of fresh takes on games to come for PS4 and XONE.

Zombro1472d ago

Dude I agree I tried to play bf4 the other day sooooooo slow

Darth Gamer1472d ago

Totally agree. I couldn't go back to COD or BF if I wanted to. It feels like I'm running backwards its so slow. lol

rakentaja1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

I would say it's completely different compared to BF4 and also to Ghost. Only the movement/shooting is from COD series, and this is a good thing but everything else is new and improved.

incendy351472d ago

I would say it is awesome. Still can't get over how well it controls compared to other FPS's. When I try to play other FPS games now they just feel so confined.

Hicken1472d ago

The sad part is you believe what you said.

incendy351472d ago

Damn right I believe it. Cause it is true!

randomass1711472d ago

Well he isn't really wrong. Titanfall has a lot of open space to move around in with certain levels, and it's because it offers more vertical gameplay than most shooters. Anyway, it's his opinion. Is he not allowed to believe in his opinion?

UnHoly_One1472d ago

That's generally how opinions work.

He believes it is awesome and controls better than other FPS games.

I believe he's right.

It's all opinion.

Go troll somewhere else, Hicken.

Darth Gamer1472d ago

I totally agree with him. (That's my opinion)(and that's the troof)

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DigitalRaptor1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

You can't be playing many FPS games then, can you lad?

It's okay to have an opinion, but an uninformed opinion is worse than an informed one. I'm not the biggest fan of the genre, but I know that the genre is more diverse than the mainstream provides you with.

BEASELY1472d ago

I've been playing it like crazy, currently on the road to Gen 6 and loving it. Occasionally Fez on PS4 has been interrupting me, but with the new patch and soon to be announced DLC, I'm lovin this game! The lack of unlockables leaves a bit to be desired, but at its core, its some of the most well balanced, fun and frenetic gameplay you can possibly have in an FPS.

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