3 Reasons You Should Give Castlevania: Mirror of Fate a Chance

Eldar Basic, GIZORAMA - "Sometimes, certain games come around and end up being disliked by everyone. Games like Remember Me come to mind as prime examples of titles that hit that awkward zone of “Eh, it’s not terrible, but I’ll give it a pass” that we see from time to time on gaming news sites. But, every now and again, a game comes along that the review community at large dislikes, and we ask, “Why?” Is it because certain reviewers have a biased view of the product during the review process, or are certain things at play that we don’t see? I’m not assuming Sega paid sites like IGN to blast Nintendo games into the sun, but perhaps, some games deserve a play regardless of review scores. Castlevania: Mirror of Fate is a great example of a game you shouldn’t sleep on just because it received very average scores on Metacritic. Here are my reasons why."

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