Titanfall Xbox One Bundle Dropped to £349 at ASDA Direct; Matches the Price of PS4

If you’re on the fence about buying an Xbox One and you live in the UK, this could just be the right chance. ASDA Direct has dropped the price of the Titanfall bundle down to £349.

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mark3214uk1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

you dont drop the price of something selling good

clearly there having trouble shifting the x1

spicelicka1223d ago

Clearly that doesn't mean anything. Trouble shifting doesn't affect my experience in any way. All I know is that I want XB1 because of halo and was considering Ps4 because of the price, now it's cheaper and better for me to get XB1 and i still get my halo.

In the end prices drops are always good for us consumers.

air11223d ago

You would think its a good thing for us gamers... But the you have knuckle heads like mark..

avengers19781223d ago

Lol saying things like all I want is my halo, pretty much makes everyone know you were never considering a PS4.. Plus you just kind of proven that all that really matters is price point.

spicelicka1223d ago


?? I said I want XB1 because of halo, and i still get my halo. I didn't say "all i want is my halo", which may also be true, but it doesn't imply i don't like PS exclusives or that i wasn't considering PS4. That's the dumbest assumption ever.

I don't know where you're deriving this crap from but yes sure price point matters, only in the sense that its cheaper and more money is being saved. The real pusher is the games you're interested in. If Sony unveils a new game that i find irresistible i might change my decision again. Or I might buy one console now and one later.

What doesn't matter (to gamers) are the sales, which only fanboys care about.

avengers19781223d ago

I get these "assumptions" from your own comment

Kingthrash3601223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

it means alot on the business bundle means ms paid for tf console exclusive AND paid for the free tf game AND paid for the drop in EU. (i dont know if the retailer paid for the drop in this case. but somebody lost money in the drop and thats not good)
ms is losing money for every x1 tf bundle in hope to get a better install base to make money in the future...problem is tf bundles didnt fly off the shelves and now that its available on the 360 its safe to say its gunna stay on shelves unless you drop the price like this. the longer its on shelves the less x1's retailers will buy from ms hince less sells.
in retail shelves space is money..if something is collecting dust on the shelf its losing money...same as if shelves are ps4.
god knows how many ps4's would have sold if sony could have kept up with a sense sony lost money too. but sony's machine is the stronger cheaper more popular console and because of that sold more and thats fact imagine if infamous was free bundled and they took 50 bucks off, this soon, people would say somethings wrong. thats why that hasnt happend with sony, they are having a great like halo..then yeah get a x1, hell get both. but dont act like a drop is a good thing..its far too soon for drops...even the wiiu took more time to drop in price...smh

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brich2331223d ago

They've realized that price point is a factor and they want to catch up before they fall far behind. And theres nothing wrong with that.

air11223d ago


So the xb1 is doomed then right....

avengers19781223d ago

Maybe, but let's see what happens. If they are still having problems at the end of the year, when they will be in more territories, then yea it might be doomed. Remember everyone says WII U is doomed yet it still ahead of XB1

greenlantern28141223d ago

Doomed to be battling the wiiu for second place.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1223d ago

The amount of "agrees" you have is like a pony in an xbox thread counter... Astonishing.

Battlefieldlover1223d ago

Some people don't even deserve one bubble...

VegasDawg1223d ago

Good news for gamers but little fanBOYs like mark has to put a negative spin on it, for the life of me I can't figure what they get out of being corporate monkeys.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1223d ago

especially within the first 6 months.......damn smh.

air11223d ago


bro go kick rocks preferably big ones.. I get that the xb1 isnt selling as good as the ps4 but to act as if its not selling great is just plain ignorant.. the damn thing has only been out a few months and its doing a lot better than the 360 and is not far behind the wiiu..
and the ps4 isnt exactly smashing the x1 in sales.

seriously though why are you fanatics so damn ignorant? do you even realize how stupid some of you sound?

greenlantern28141223d ago

Yeah it really is smashing the xb1 by like 3mil. And out for the same amount of time.

Gunstar751223d ago

I thought it had more to do with exchange rates. They can drop it, so they have!

beebap1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Uk tax means we pay more for our electronics and games. I mean 500 dollars does equal to 429 original price. Retailers still have to pay the tax.This price is adsa trying to getting some xbox one stock moved. One website I know of took advance of euro difference and sold consoles from republic of Ireland to sell to uk.
If you mean microsoft can lower the price because of exchange rates that is possible as they already did but this price is a retailer selling at lesser price only.

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Blackleg-sanji1223d ago

ok im glad i didnt get an xbox one at launch those guys gotta seriously be pissed off!! glad i waited im happy with my ps4 and wiiu and hell give it a couple more months maybe it will be 399.99 in the us at this rate

air11223d ago

Why would anyone be pissed? I've been enjoying my xb1 probably more than you have been enjoying your ps4, price drops doesn't take away my experience... Shit if price drops got me pissed I would be one miserable person cause damn near everything I have bought I could have gotten cheaper if I waited..

Lawboy21223d ago

agreed...TRDE $30 a month after it released...I bought it a few days before it went on sale...I love both of my systems and could care less if either had a price drop because I bought it when I wanted it

MasterCornholio1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

"probably more than you have been enjoying your ps4,"

Your trying to pick a fight by claiming to know how much he enjoys his PS4. Which isnt true. He could be enjoying his PS4 more than your enjoying your Xbox One.

You will never know.

-bubble down-

greenlantern28141223d ago

While I have no doubt you like your xb1, but you seem to doubt people enjoy their ps4. But you should know anybody that went out and bought a new system right at launch is going to enjoy it.

Kiwi661223d ago

would you be pissed off if the ps4 was the more expensive console that had price cuts months after launch

Funantic11223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

MS milked the higher price from the hardcore gamers. Now they can drop the price for the casual gamers. It's called marketing strategy. And yeah I've played my XB1 10x more than my PS4. The Order, H1N1, and a The Last Of Us HD will be the first games I'm interested in playing on the PS4. Everything else like Knack, Killzone and Infamous are disappointments. I'm more upset I paid $400 for the PS4 and the games lineup has been weak so far. But I'm sure I'll get some great games on the day. Btw the PSN name is BKaca, XBL gamertag is BKac.

StrawberryDiesel4201223d ago

Weak game lineup?? I just got a PS4 with Tomb Raider(1080p/60fps on PS4 only) Battlefield 4(900p/60fps on PS4 only) Infamous Second Son (graphically better than anything on Xbone) and COD Ghosts (1080p/60fps on PS4 only) In my opinion that's a pretty good set of games for a system in it's infancy. Xbone couldn't even run last gen tomb raider at the same high framerate as PS4, if you don't realize that's an issue you're not too sharp.

beebap1223d ago

Is this still continuing playstation has no games when xbox one has no games. This is list of ps4 games

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corvusmd1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Excellent deal....grab it.

@Blackleg I don't get why everyone throws that argument around...I've had an XB1 since day one, I knew what I was getting into...I'm not even remotely pissed, my XB1 has given me 5 months of enjoyment...I feel like I've already gotten my $500 (plus games) worth out of it...let alone whatever $50-$100 discount they hand out. No, in fact I'm happy to see that MS is already comfortable with the costs enough that they can allow for these deals. This isn't "abandon ship" type discouts...if it was, they wouldn't be opening news studios and starting new IPs. Would you be upset if PS4 or Wii U was $50-100 cheaper in 6 months time from now?

Blackleg-sanji1223d ago

yes!!! its bound to happen eventually but this early yea iwould be pretty mad

dodgemoose1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Sorry, but you're wrong in thinking this is MS's deals. Retailers, such as ASDA, will purchase large volumes of Xbox Ones at a bulk price and then they alone dictate the price they sell them at - nothing to do with MS. Yes they have the RRP, but retailers aren't obliged to stick to them.

From a business stand point, this price drop either suggests they're selling really well in the UK and therefore Asda wants to undercut its competitors in order to increase its own sales. Alternatively, they've got too much stock and therefore feel its necessary to lower their prices in order to get rid of it.

Blackleg-sanji1223d ago

its most likely stock because i work at walmart and there are a ton now im not bashing it at all i want one down the line but price cuts so early really is strange

Mr Pumblechook1223d ago

ASDA did similar extreme price reductions with the Wii U before phasing it out in most stores.