The Last of Us Remastered PS4 VS PS3 Comparison - Shows Improved AA And Added Details

MP1st - A trailer for The Last of Us Remastered PS4 version has been released, and here’s a small taste of what you can expect from this upgraded version.

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ddgaming8201709d ago

Can't wait to get this game.

DoomeDx1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

I cannot believe they used the giraffes part in the trailer..

I mean come on..I know its just giraffes but its a big spoiler in my opinion. After all these hours full of death, sadness, clickers, and bandits and overall very sad felt so amazing to find those giraffes. Felt like I finally found something peaceful in that harsh world. It was amazing. Now the suprise is ruined for the people who havent played it on PS3 yet.

The game is one of the best. This is the last game you want spoiled.

Cant wait to buy it though! I sold my PS3 and I really really really miss The last of Us...

DoomeDx1709d ago

Many typos. I am so sorry :x

GarrusVakarian1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Yeah, i agree completely. If you haven't played this game yet, refrain from watching that trailer. It's a beautiful moment, highlighted by how violent the parts before it are and needs to be experienced first hand by playing the game.

Why the hell would they use that scene?

It doesn't spoil anything about the story or anything like that, it's just a nice moment that needs to be in context to be appreciated.

Farsendor11709d ago

thanks i didnt click the link, i havent gotten to play this game on the ps3 so i potentially missed a carefree spoiler.

randomass1711709d ago

I think they did that because they figured anyone who wanted to experience the story already has and that having this scene would not be too spoilery? I dunno, maybe that was their mindset. I don't really agree with it either though.

OrangePowerz1709d ago

It's like if you would use in the Jurassic Park trailer the scene where first see the dinosaurs.

Nitrowolf21709d ago


Not really? The movie is expected to have Dino's, it's a given. This game, that scene did come to a surrpise as it wasn't really expected considering you just wnet through hours of humans and clickers.

ArchangelMike1709d ago

Hey DoomeDx,

Yeah I think of all the footage they could have used, the Giraffes wasn't the best. It is kind of a spoiler, not s major one though. For me, that shot doesn't make sense for them to use from a marketing perspective. I don't think it really 'sells' the game.

If ND are not shy about using 'spolier' footage for trailers, I would have used the winter shot... Ellie - Bow and Arrow - rabbit. That sequence.

I_am_Batman1709d ago

I agree the giraffes definately were a highlight for me. I just didn't expect it at all. Really beautiful moment.

scott1821709d ago

Damn that's gonna look nice to play in 1080p and improved AA. I hope they get it at 60 fps too, but I will be good with whatever. Can't wait to play it again!

Edsword1709d ago

Uh, you actually just spoiled it by revealing how it impacts the game. I would have never know the significance of the giraffes had you not made that statement.

TheTowelBoy1709d ago

You are so right, that part of the game was the most relaxing thing I've felt in games.. straight up artistry..

Picnic1709d ago

So why risk spoiling in the comments section for those who just like to look at the comments!

Thatlalala1709d ago

And spoilers. If that pic didn't ruin it. You just did. Fuck you.

mickaelmc1709d ago

It doesn't come across as a spoiler though. Hopefully by that point, PS4 players will forget about this teaser trailer. As I almost cried at that point in the game. when that scene is put into context, it's the most beautiful thing I have ever come across in a video game. I love this game enough to buy it again on my PS4. It's a masterpiece.

juggulator1709d ago

There's a reason why I haven't gotten this or GTA5 on ps3. One down, one to go.

Razputin1709d ago

You just spoiled it for me lol.

I've been having trouble with this game and the loading, and since I play on PC primarily I'm in no rush to finish the game.

I have seen a good portion of the game but what you just said really spoiled it for me.

I knew better things were to come but still.

DoomeDx1709d ago

If everybody could just please downmod my post.

It indeed spoils it for some people
Im sorry :/

Papafynn1709d ago

The giraffes in themselves don't really add up to much. It is the journey to the giraffes that matters most. The pay off will still be there for 1st time players. Damn this game stayed with me!

dodgemoose1709d ago

You've just spoilt it as well by putting it into context. Now everyone that reads your comment will know the 'surprise' as you put it comes after 'hours full of death, sadness, clickers, and bandits'.

Bit ironic, eh? ^_^

HurtfulTimez1709d ago

To be fair if I had never played the game before, by watching this trailer I would of never of noticed that it was a spoiler just by them showing a few giraffes. I probably would of just looked and thought wow nice scenery and probably wouldn't of even noticed the giraffes.
Your explanation of the scenario probably had more spoilers in than the video clip! Lol! Oh well good job I've already played it! Still getting it for ps4 again too

Irishguy951709d ago

Lol, the game still looks low res and crappy. The graphics where the worst part of this game. Good lighting though

InTheZoneAC1709d ago

sold your ps3?

did PS+ not give you enough free and discounted games?

elninels1709d ago

I agree, however without context they mean nothing. I think your comment is actually damaging because it provides context. I dont think you meant to do it, but I would recommend editing your comment.

Pogmathoin1709d ago

As much as this game is good, all I want is new games for PS4, this should be coming out much later.....

lipton1011709d ago

As a reply, you definitely spoiled a part of the game as I had 360 only last gen. On a side note, I missed out on last of us last time around. Having not experienced it yet, THIS MAKES ME REALLY F'N HAPPY THAT I SWITCHED TO PS4!!!!

UltraNova1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

@ most posters above

If you haven't gone into so much detail as to why the Giraffe scene should be considered a spoiler then new people playing this game would feel exactly the same as we did the first time they experience it. If you cant see this then I cant help you.

From a marketing perspective using this scene is genius. The trailer was to remind both the consumer and MAINLY the press why this game was so awesome and why it deserves to be re-released with what looks like, a full price.

This reminder was boosted by what most people can agree on, one of the most life inducing and hope giving moments in the game , if not the only one, a moment so rare in games that elevates this game even higher.

In essence, they tried to tie peoples reaction (to the announcement trailer) to that moment in the game with all those awards scrolling down justifying the reason for a remaster.

In other words another 10/10 move from ND and further justification as to why they are in the Top 3 best developers in the world.

N7KIRK1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Thanks bud, there are people like myself who haven't seen the trailer. Could have simply recommended to us that we shouldn't watch the trailer, but no. Thank you a bunch for practically pointing it out, and spoiling it, in your pointless rant.

AntoineDcoolette1708d ago


Thus, being a budget gamer who waits for price drops, has paid off. I can experience the definitive version for the first time with mah PS4 8-)

SirBradders1708d ago

Dude anyone reading your comment just got it spoiled even more now.

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Lior1709d ago

looks the same, 60 bucks is highway robbery.

Nitrowolf21709d ago

TBF, if you were expecting something along the line of a full out remake or soemthing like that, we won't. bets we will probably get is the 1080P, higher FPS, better AA, and improved textures here and there. I am already digging the improved AA/Less Flickering. That was my issue with it on PS3, whenever the game w as in motion certain jaggies flickered more than others.

mark3214uk1709d ago Show
Godmars2901709d ago

Isn't it coming with all of its DLC?

Ashunderfire861709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Tomb Raider : The Definitive Edition was $60 dollars too, and look how much in sells it got now, compared to when it was first release. This is a win win for Naughty Dog to release the best game of 2013 on to PS4!

truefan11709d ago

Wow I expected a much bigger difference, I know people will think I'm hating, but it's the truth.

For new playstation gamers this is a win, but for Sony It's clear this is a money grab.

AstroCyborg1709d ago

PS3 version + Season Pass = $60

The Last of Us Remastered Edition = $60

-Foxtrot1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

You do realise this is mostly aimed at the new audience the PS4 has brought in so they can experience one of the best games of last gen.

Not to mention you get all the DLC with it and hopefully the multiplayer will be improved.

GarrusVakarian1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )


I actually agree with you on this one, i thought we were going to get something similar to Tomb Raider: DE. Although, i guess it's way too premature to make a full judgement from that one scene alone (and from a crappy YT video too), but i was expecting more of a difference to be immediately noticeable.

If the difference is only going to be marginal, then i want 60fps. I was under the assumption they would keep it at 30 but turn the graphics to 11....if that's not the case with the graphics, then i want 60fps.

MeLoveRamen1709d ago

true fan it doesn't need that big of an upgrade because it already looked next gen compared to your precious xbone games. The ps3 version already looked better that dead rising, killer instinct and downgraded forza, so the ps4 versions gonna blow those games out of the water.

No_Limit1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

I wouldn't go as far as highway robbery. Just wait a bit like a month and it will definitely see a slight sale and $30-$40 seems like the sweet spot just like Tom Raider was recently when it went on sale. For those that feel like it is worth the full $60, just get it and enjoy it. How easy is that?

I already beat it 3 times on PS3 so I can afford to wait a bit for it to go on sale.

Drithe1709d ago

People who rebuy this game to play on the ps4 are not very intelligent

ziggurcat1709d ago

@ lukas:

to be fair, there's actually not much of a difference between the original tomb raider, and the remastered/definitive edition. the textures are slightly better, and the frame rate is higher. that's it.

i wouldn't expect anything other than a slightly nicer-looking, possibly smoother (although i think they should just lock the FPS at 30 instead of trying to reach 60fps) frame rate on this one.

1709d ago
Silly gameAr1709d ago

Don't want it don't get it.

scott1821709d ago


It's called re mastered. What were you expecting besides upgraded resolution and AA? Oh that's right, it's Sony so it doesn't meet your standards like usual... I am more than willing to support naughty dog by buying a re mastered product again. It's a crime that more people didn't get to experience what was to me the best game of last gen., and now many of them will, and fans of TLoU can experience it again, in even better visuals and possibly 60 fps.

ginsunuva1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

This is obviously only for people who havent had a ps3.

I think you've just out-fanboyed all us Sony fanboys. Like even we're cringing at your blind devotion.

scott1821709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

fanboy? Yikes, no need for that. I speak my opinion and will continue to do so.

It takes a TON of work to "re master" a game, and if it is coded for 30 fps they have to RE CODE it so it will play in 60. It takes tons of time an money to do this. You don't have to be a "fanboy" to want to support this. I will take note that you speak for all the Sony fanboys though.

T21709d ago

oh you wouldn't buy star wars remastered in DD for 50 bucks? just prefer it on VHS I suppose? This is common in many formats, not just games. And many didn't play it on ps3, including me. Why would they start it at 20 bucks? It will drop in price eventually but why are you so bothered about something you don't need to buy?

just a troll. next.

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THC CELL1709d ago

Amazing I am hyped for this game again. Hope they use ds 4 features and leave it uncensored in eu

tuglu_pati1709d ago

$60 is too much for this game. It should be around $40. If we start supporting this practice we will start getting rob for half games (MGS5:GZ) and ports from older generations that should be priced much lower.

Timesplitter141709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

To be honest, I don't understand all the bad criticism GZ gets. I just got it and I'm at 8 hours of gameplay. I didn't even unlock half of the stuff yet.

And that's for a 20$ game. 8 hours is the time it takes to beat regular 60$ single-player games like DMC, GoW, Uncharted, etc...

And I love the new formula. Approaching a camp any way you want is the best stealth game idea, in my opinion. The replayability is amazing.

I guess people just like to complain

MeLoveRamen1709d ago

The game is only a year old though. You are getting all the dlc which cost what like $30 by itself and 1080p with 60fps, what you call expensive, i call a steal.

BTW you do know that most AAA games that sell well tend not to get a price cut until a year and a half or two.

elninels1709d ago

Timesplitters14 is right, ground zeroes is by no means a rip off. I went ps4 with it so I paid $30 and I still feel it has great value. What it lacks in raw size or content it makes up for with overwhelming quality. After playingg assassin's creed 4, which I enjoyed but not for its stealth, I was bummed because of the lack of stealth tps.

Ground zeroes sated that thirst.

1709d ago
NVIDIAGeek1709d ago

So now, TLoU Remastered is accepted? There should be some equality. If Tomb Raider Definitive Ed. was dissed, this should be dissed too.

scott1821709d ago

how was Tomb Raider Definitive Ed. "dissed"? I never saw anyone on here diss it. I thought people generally liked the re mastered version.

IRetrouk1709d ago

There were deff people shooting it down but it was a minority, most people seemed to like it, this is a good thing for the ps4, the people who didnt have a ps3 but opted for a ps4 will probably buy it, and then you have people like me, I want this game on my ps4, I have the game but my laser is broke so I haven't been able to play it after beating it, I will happily pay for an updated version because the game is that good, as a fan of naughty dog, untill they actually release a turd, which is unlikely, then I will continue to support them.

MeLoveRamen1709d ago

yea i think you are talking about a selective few that "dissed" Tomb Raider because most people like it.

elninels1709d ago

After playing it people were happy. When it was announced the vocal minority was up in arms. I sympathise with what NVIDIAGeek is saying.

N7KIRK1708d ago

Are you guys biased or blind? Tomb Raider got a whole lot of flak.

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AgentSmithPS41709d ago

Can we buy armor for our giraffes? /s

Mikethejew1709d ago

Than buy it on ps3 douche.

ITPython1709d ago

Gonna me nice to have a smooth jaggy-free version on the PS4!

I never realized how jaggy last-gen games were until I started playing the PS4. Now when I go back to play a PS3 game I am astonished how so many objects are plastered with jaggies, especially older games. Then I load up Infamous SS and am blown away at how insanely smooth the game is. I think for me that is one of the biggest jumps from last-gen to current gen, is the lack of jaggies. That plus higher frame-rates makes it a night-and-day experience.

Syntax-Error1708d ago

Please explain to me why a game played 90% in stealth needs to 60 frames per second?

Matt6661708d ago

I rather just wait for a sequel or a new game altogether don't really fancy paying for a game I already got, yes it's an amazing game but I rather wait.

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Nitrowolf21709d ago

Man, I wonder how much was added to the rest of the game. I am still surprise with how amazing it looks on the PS3 though, truly a great way to end it's generation (I know still going)

randomass1711709d ago

TLOU was the PS3's last hurrah, and it's not one of the first for the PS4. :)

Austin481709d ago

I'm hoping for a June release

Nitrowolf21709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

considering it's up for Pre-order on PSN, typically something they do closer to a game's launch, I am sure that's when it's coming or a least before August

Bennibop1709d ago

Zavvi has 25th July listed

Rickgrimes951709d ago

I would guess June that would make it about a year they've been working on it

Syntax-Error1708d ago

You're hoping the game you bought for $60 on PS3 can be re-bought for $60 on PS4? #SAMETIMENEXTYEAR #SHEEP