GTA V Suggested System Requirements

So it has been rumored again that GTA V might finally release for PC and Next Gen consoles in June. Lets suppose it actually does release in June, console gamers would not have to worry but can your PC run GTA V ?
The hype to get GTA V on pc by a lot of gamers is not a wise move if you have an old gaming PC.

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rodiabloalmeida1413d ago

Take this with a truckload of salt.

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Matt6661412d ago

more like a the USS Enterprise full of salt

JP13691412d ago

Just vote the site down. No need for this BS to even show up on the feed.

jackanderson19851413d ago

where has your man pulled these specs from??? 16gb ram? an R9 gpu??

i know little about PC gaming but even i know those requirements are crap

sparrowknight1413d ago

16 GB ram is to much for the minimum requirements same with R9 graphic card

minimur121413d ago

lmao... 16gb RAM...

Not even battlefield requires that much, either GTA PC is an unoptimised mess, or it's going to be off the wall.

Or, ya kno, it could be fake.

LAWSON721412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

It is fake, this is some made up requirements. You ask me it is quite off. For one, it says expect 8GB RAM requirement due to next gen port, yet 1) It is a last gen game that is more than capable to run at the low settings that PS3/360 ran on. 2) That ram is divided between the system, OS and VRAM. These new consoles maybe can push upto 3GB system memory. (only one game I have played uses close to that is BF4 which can range between 2GB and 3GB depending on map and player count)

If someone is to make a list at know what you are talking about.

sparrowknight1413d ago

not agreed with the Nvidia GTX 480 .... it would be like 600 series or 7000 series of AMD

LAWSON721412d ago

You realize this game runs on a 360/PS3 right?

Grave1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Title of story should be "GTA V on PC - My Imaginary System Requirements".


Farsendor11413d ago

look at the system requirements of watch dogs and lord of the rings if that is any indication of what is to come a lot of people will be upgrading.

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