Action-RPG Transistor coming May 20 (PS4/PC)

Mark your calendar for May 20, 2014 - Supergiant Games

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lelo1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Bastion was a good game and Transistor looks like a interesting game, but I'll probably wait for it on PSN+.

I have so many games in my list still to be played. I need a long holiday.

jonatan2211471d ago

For some reason I feel like this might be the May ps+ game, but who knows :o

ChronoJoe1471d ago

If it's launching mid-month then it won't be the ps+ game, and if it isn't the PS+ game immediately it will most likely be a long wait until it is, if at all.

PS+ games for PS4 so far have all been released alongside the games initial release (nothing has been on the store, then been free on plus a week after). Probably because Sony don't want to anger consumers who buy the game, and then make it free one week later.

You can usually spot ps+ games if they detail their release date as being over the start of a month. (As was the case with Deadnation, Outlast, Resogun and Contrast).

Ilovetheps41471d ago

I'm so excited for this game. It's one of my most anticipated games for PS4 right now. It just looks fantastic and the music is amazing. I cannot wait for May 20th to roll around. I'll definitely be picking it up.

medman1471d ago

Yeh, Transistor and Child of Light are on my to play list, no doubt.

incendy351471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Hmmm, definitely getting it but should I get it on PC or on PS4. Decisions, decisions.

fonduktoe1471d ago

Game looks 1 for me

DemonChicken1471d ago

day 1 for me too, played Bastion to death.

Was actually the steam holiday sale for the coal that introduced me to it

Nine_Thousaaandd1471d ago one for me as well!

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