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Square Enix is "Preparing New [FFXV] information"

Another year, another series of quotes from Square Enix officials saying they’re “preparing” to talk about the infamous Final Fantasy XV, previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Shinji Hashimoto, boss of all things Final Fantasy talked about possibly more information in this week’s Famtisu... (Final Fantasy XV, PS4, Xbox One)

HeartlessGamer  +   548d ago
I think at Sony's E3
AlexDrepaul254   548d ago | Spam
colonel179  +   548d ago
It can go both ways. Since it was announced for Xbox One, Microsoft could have made a deal with Square Enix to make an appearance at their show. However, if the game will release first in Japan, then it could be more likely to be at Sony's.
HeartlessGamer  +   548d ago
I don't think they would show it at Microsoft E3 since they really only talk about it on PS4
Darrius Cole  +   548d ago
E3 2006...Two Thousand SIX. I've been waiting for this game for 8 YEARS.

I think that's enough waiting. Call me when you actually have information to share, not when you are PREPARING to have information to share.
Agent_hitman  +   548d ago
I hope it includes the release date as well.
WeAreLegion  +   548d ago
"Please be excited."
-Foxtrot  +   548d ago
Well they did finally take notice how JRPG fans are all over the world.

Maybe they'll stop with keeping everything until TGS.

randomass171  +   548d ago
Best news ever that day. Hopefully we'll get more games like Bravely Default from Square in future. :)
kingdom18  +   548d ago
And on the consoles, not just handhelds and mobile.
randomass171  +   548d ago
Since portable games are cheaper, they definitely do seem to be great testing grounds for what people want in their games and therefor publishes can take more risks. I think we'll definitely see more engaging Square games on consoles after BD. :)
con4g23  +   548d ago
"new information that may meet everyone’s expectations"
everyone is expecting the release date by now,so please be it!
rextraordinaire  +   548d ago
"Hi, we're informing you that we'll inform you, about informations".

Slow news day?
Kurisu  +   548d ago
Slow news day? Slow news 8 years.
nope111  +   548d ago
It's very informative!
randomass171  +   548d ago
I like announcements about announcements. It means there are announcements coming. :O
Ron_Danger  +   548d ago
The new announcement is that it will now be called Final Fantasy 15 verses Kingdom Hearts Tactics... And it's an Amazon Fire TV exclusive now.

There's also going to be a companion app for it being developed by Double Helix for the TI-83 Graphing Calculator.
alexg587  +   548d ago
Cant wait i just hope they dont dumb down the graphics or gameplay from last years build because when saw that it blew my mind
EXVirtual  +   548d ago
Dude, Nomura said the graphics would improve.
From the info I've gathered, they've been transferring the game to the Luminous Engine.
alexg587  +   548d ago
Mind blown ....again
Kurisu  +   548d ago
Sooooo hoping that they haven't cut world maps, airships etc.
There is no way that they would cut something like that from the game. They know they would be dead in the water if they did such a thing. The biggest selling point for me of FFXV besides the darker tone, Shakespearean influence, blend of European Medieval/ Renaissance and modern architecture and culture and Kingdom Hearts style gameplay is finally getting airships and world map back. This is going to be a very exciting game.
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Kurisu  +   548d ago
Agree completely! Can't wait to finally play it and see how it's come together. Fingers and toes crossed for proper information soon.
kingdom18  +   548d ago
Wait, we are actually getting a world map? Like something similar to FF9, or something like Tales of Vesperia/Symphonia, or do we just know there will be a world map?
@kingdom18: Tetsuya Nomura has said in many magazine articles that FFXV will have chocobo's, airships, world map, and all the other great things from the classic FF games. Very excited for this.
Blackleg-sanji  +   548d ago
if its not an release date at this point icould care less
mezati99  +   548d ago
pc version please
Inception  +   548d ago
Cut the BS SE. Yesterday you said XV development proceeding smoothly. And now you announced that you preparing new info's for the game, but don't know when to do it?! This is BS.

Personally, i'm tired waiting for this game. I think it's time to forget this game IF by the end of this year there's still no release date.
EXVirtual  +   548d ago
Dude it's cool. They know exactly when. They're just trolling.
They said something similar to this last April and boom. We got an FF15 announcement.
kingdom18  +   548d ago
A transfer of the title, next gen and its now coming to two different consoles. I'd say a release date would be more exciting, along with a new video of course.
Inception  +   547d ago
Yeah trolling for 8 years, skipping one generation of console, from exclusive to multiplat, and changing it's title from Versus to XV.

I don't know how much trolling they will do again. But if they want people not to forget this title, than they need to finished this game and give the released date ASAP!
TheGrimReaper0011  +   548d ago
Okay Square Enix, let me make something clear.

At E3 is the time to announce a game that the public dont know anything about, or information on games that are early in development or gameplay of those later in development.

It's been 7 fucking years now and you are still announcing that you will eventually give information. That's not E3 worthy! Unless you plan to finally show us a gameplay demo, what are you gonna do? Another fucking trailer?!

Also, I just wanna say, fuck final fantasy 13 series.
Fuck Lightning, Hope and Vanille. Nobody likes Lightning.
And those who do, you gotta wonder:
In the world of business for games, do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? If so, then no more Lightning

Other than that, give information before E3!

Unrelated : Team Ico, The Last Guardian, where are you?!?!
Inception  +   547d ago
According to Famitsu "it's soon". Hopefully that "soon" is this year E3
Farsendor1  +   548d ago
is this ps4/x1 only? if so they wont have to cater to lower end hardware this game could end up looking great while playing great.

ff games usually have really good gameplay that is usually not anything to worry about hopefully they have better characters and a better story this time around.
EXVirtual  +   547d ago
Yes, the is PS4 and XBO only.
If this was on the PS3 we wouldn't be able to use the Warp ability Noctis has displayed.

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