Square Enix is "Preparing New [FFXV] information"

Another year, another series of quotes from Square Enix officials saying they’re “preparing” to talk about the infamous Final Fantasy XV, previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Shinji Hashimoto, boss of all things Final Fantasy talked about possibly more information in this week’s Famtisu...

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colonel179898d ago

It can go both ways. Since it was announced for Xbox One, Microsoft could have made a deal with Square Enix to make an appearance at their show. However, if the game will release first in Japan, then it could be more likely to be at Sony's.

HeartlessGamer898d ago

I don't think they would show it at Microsoft E3 since they really only talk about it on PS4

Darrius Cole898d ago

E3 2006...Two Thousand SIX. I've been waiting for this game for 8 YEARS.

I think that's enough waiting. Call me when you actually have information to share, not when you are PREPARING to have information to share.

Agent_hitman898d ago

I hope it includes the release date as well.

-Foxtrot898d ago

Well they did finally take notice how JRPG fans are all over the world.

Maybe they'll stop with keeping everything until TGS.

randomass171898d ago

Best news ever that day. Hopefully we'll get more games like Bravely Default from Square in future. :)

kingdom18898d ago

And on the consoles, not just handhelds and mobile.

randomass171898d ago

Since portable games are cheaper, they definitely do seem to be great testing grounds for what people want in their games and therefor publishes can take more risks. I think we'll definitely see more engaging Square games on consoles after BD. :)

con4g23898d ago

"new information that may meet everyone’s expectations"
everyone is expecting the release date by now,so please be it!

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The story is too old to be commented.