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Xbox One Kinect: “unique and innovative experiences” on the way

The next waves of Kinect will only get better and better according to Harmonix and Rare (Xbox One)

christocolus  +   228d ago
Nice. im really looking forward to d4 and fantasia and im hoping dance central returns at some point.
Septic  +   228d ago
D4 yes. Dance Central....er...nope. Each to their own though. I dare you to upload some footage for us to watch n_n

Rare have been shackled by the Kinect for far too long.


Anyway, MS have a lot to prove with Kinect and the gaming applications.
christocolus  +   228d ago
" I dare you to upload some footage for us to watch n_n"

errm .....not sure about that....lmao.
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denawayne  +   228d ago
I love articles that say nothing
timotim  +   228d ago
Having fun with Kinect Sports Rivals, great title. Look forward to Dance Central.
VforVideogames  +   228d ago
Why don't they give us Kinect party? that game is addictive and fun and to top it all its still free!!
talocaca  +   228d ago
How many years have we waited for the definitive kinect experience? Not saying it won't come...but asking consumers to keep waiting and forcing them to buy it seems a bit much...
-Superman-  +   228d ago
Forcing them to buy? Kinect is part of Xbox One, just like Blu-Ray.
So, when someone buys PS4 then it´s forced to buy blu-ray(by your logic talocaca)
pedrof93  +   228d ago
Are you really comparing Blu-ray with kinect ?

sourgrouch   228d ago | Spam
MasterCornholio  +   228d ago
Blu-ray is necessary.


Just look at the size of the games.

Kinect isn't necessary which is why games on the Xbox One play fine without it.

"Xbox One will still function, even without Kinect plugged in"


P.S Not saying Kinect is bad its just unnecessary unlike Blu-ray.

P.S.S You could always download the games but not everyone wants to go digital. Plus if you have a slow connection 40GBs is a lot to download.
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Flamingweazel  +   228d ago
@SOURGROUCH, so what do you do with kinect i cannot do now? You buy a console for voice commands that can be done with a headset? You don't have a ps4 who are you kidding.
Sayburr  +   228d ago
"Blu-ray is necessary"

Not for me since I am doing my best to go "all digital" this time around.
Xsilver  +   228d ago
Let's all act like Blu Ray isn't more Beneficial than Kinect Smfh
edonus  +   228d ago
Truth is there is no such thing as a definitive kinect experience. Kinect is too versatile and broad and covers so much. It would be like asking what is a computers definitive experience? Is it games , surfing the internet, software and programs , entertainment?

Kinect has already delivered some great gaming experiences they go unnoticed do to the shallow culture of gaming and the hate towards MS Kinect and Motion gaming. That a lot of hate to fight. And those experiences will just get better.

This one of hose things where you just have to weather the storm. the internet will probably be calling kinect BS for years to come and downplaying and disrespecting the tech and innovation for yeas to come. But success come from positioning, everyone that owns a X1 has a kinect so they are not asking you to make the decision to buy one. They will just continue to push the game and tech and every time they do a few more people will their hate and bias. It may take 4-5 years to muster a solid 1.5-3 core gaming base but when you got them you got them. The experience cant be duplicated and at that point thy will have critical mass.

Right now its just about making content and they have been doing that.
DigitalRaptor  +   228d ago
Your excuses are just that. Kinect has proven nothing in the space of gaming that justifies its hype. If Microsoft wouldn't have bundled it with their console, no one would've fallen for the hype again. The games we've seen (I'll say majority cause we all know it's true) have proven it to be the gimmick it is.

With over 4 years of experience, with Rare focusing on Kinect, and Microsoft still can't get it right on the first game that's meant to showcase it as a legitimate gaming peripheral for the long-term of gaming. This brings me on to my next point. Microsoft's messaging with Kinect has completely shifted from games to multimedia, so drastically that it seems that their focus on it for crappy games last-gen was a joke. Even Peter Molyneux (of all people) recently shut it out, calling it "a joke" after he was duped by MS as much as you've been.

Just read the first post on here. I know it will make you sick because you don't believe it's true, but it sums up the Kinect completely: http://n4g.com/news/1488562...

Then these bombs: http://n4g.com/news/1489422... http://n4g.com/news/1489267...

Call it "hate" if you want. Call is "poison". People know when they've been duped, and don't want to have to wait 4-5 more years, and have to have suffered inferior hardware for its purpose.
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corroios  +   228d ago
Immorals  +   228d ago
Manhunt would be fun with Kinect.

Both my Kinects have been used for nothing more than encouraging my Laziness..
Nicaragua  +   228d ago
really? you think what Manhunt would be better with shitty inaccurate controls ?
Immorals  +   228d ago
They are pretty accurate from what I've used (which isn't a huge amount). But just simple interaction like bludgeoning someone would be a nice use.. Of course, the media would go mad, but still.
Sayburr  +   228d ago
Poor Rare... used to be one of the top developers, now it seems all they do is try and provide relevance to the Kinect.
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incendy35  +   228d ago
I am really enjoying Kinect Sports Rivals. If you have it, follow me and try to catch me in Tennis! Gamertag is incendy
TRD4L1fe  +   228d ago
Mine is Gr1mShadows

ill add you after work. KSR is a ton of fun, im glad i bought it
Sayburr  +   228d ago
Bought it at launch, but haven't had time to even turn on the XBO yet... too much going on in my life right now.
ARESWARLORD  +   228d ago
I hope they make use of it. I would have rather saved even $ 50 off the price of my XONE to not have the Kinect included. As someone said above its like when we had to pay extra for Blu-Ray in the PS3. Not everyone watches BRD's I never have on any new system so the Wii U having the size available for games but not allowing people to watch Blu Ray Disks is not a big deal for me. In the world of the internet physical disks are clutter in my opinion. Would be nice if MS gave everyone a free game of their choice to make up for Kinect being forced on us.
incendy35  +   228d ago
The Blu-Ray in PS4 and X1 is even worse. All of us digital only owners will never use it. At least Kinect does a lot of useful things like monitors controller for battery life, signing us in, changing controller configurations etc.
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   228d ago
wishful thinkking there.
Donjune  +   228d ago
Still waiting!
curtis92  +   228d ago
It's quite humorous to see some of these people till trying convince themselves there is relevance in Kinect when it comes to gaming. If you're so incredibly lazy that you can't bring yourself to use a d-pad and the A button to do something but rather you feel the need to talk to your TV, that's one thing --and power to ya-- but just accept that kinect for gaming is just a silly tech demo that carries no relevance. I don't care that you're having a few minutes of novelty fun with your kinect sports, that does NOT make a peripheral relevant.

I think many of us had a few minutes of novelty fun on virtual boy back in the day, doesn't make it a must-have.
Sitdown  +   228d ago
So that also means you do not support the new VR stuff correct? So the convenience of walking in the room and using voice commands make you lazy?... But when your talking about being active in Kinect sports then you are just buying into novelty? How many years does novelty last? It's even more humorous that because you find no value in Kinect, that you think others should follow suit. If someone is having fun, then it does make it relevant.
Hicken  +   228d ago
They've been on the way for years now. It's like trying to reach light speed or something.

At this point, they should stop prefacing the games before they get here, and just let the games speak for themselves.
koliosis  +   228d ago
Kinect is da bomb!!!!
RoboticusRex  +   228d ago
Sure, kinect is not new and we have heard how game changing its going to be for a while now. Its just a carrot on the end of a string.
mochachino  +   228d ago
This is getting ridiculous, MS has been making promises about Kinect (and everything actually) for close to 5 years and delivered on nothing only to promise again to deliver.

Stop dangling carrots and deliver or shut it.

Proof or it's BS.
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   228d ago
Ugh! that big camera! hate it!

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