Xbox One Kinect: “unique and innovative experiences” on the way

The next waves of Kinect will only get better and better according to Harmonix and Rare

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christocolus1265d ago

Nice. im really looking forward to d4 and fantasia and im hoping dance central returns at some point.

Septic1265d ago

D4 yes. Dance Each to their own though. I dare you to upload some footage for us to watch n_n

Rare have been shackled by the Kinect for far too long.

Anyway, MS have a lot to prove with Kinect and the gaming applications.

christocolus1265d ago

" I dare you to upload some footage for us to watch n_n"

errm .....not sure about that....lmao.

1264d ago
denawayne1265d ago

I love articles that say nothing

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VforVideogames1265d ago

Why don't they give us Kinect party? that game is addictive and fun and to top it all its still free!!

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talocaca1265d ago

How many years have we waited for the definitive kinect experience? Not saying it won't come...but asking consumers to keep waiting and forcing them to buy it seems a bit much...

-Superman-1265d ago

Forcing them to buy? Kinect is part of Xbox One, just like Blu-Ray.
So, when someone buys PS4 then it´s forced to buy blu-ray(by your logic talocaca)

pedrof931265d ago

Are you really comparing Blu-ray with kinect ?


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MasterCornholio1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Blu-ray is necessary.


Just look at the size of the games.

Kinect isn't necessary which is why games on the Xbox One play fine without it.

"Xbox One will still function, even without Kinect plugged in"

P.S Not saying Kinect is bad its just unnecessary unlike Blu-ray.

P.S.S You could always download the games but not everyone wants to go digital. Plus if you have a slow connection 40GBs is a lot to download.

Flamingweazel1265d ago

@SOURGROUCH, so what do you do with kinect i cannot do now? You buy a console for voice commands that can be done with a headset? You don't have a ps4 who are you kidding.

Sayburr1265d ago

"Blu-ray is necessary"

Not for me since I am doing my best to go "all digital" this time around.

Xsilver1265d ago

Let's all act like Blu Ray isn't more Beneficial than Kinect Smfh

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Immorals1265d ago

Manhunt would be fun with Kinect.

Both my Kinects have been used for nothing more than encouraging my Laziness..

Nicaragua1264d ago

really? you think what Manhunt would be better with shitty inaccurate controls ?

Immorals1264d ago

They are pretty accurate from what I've used (which isn't a huge amount). But just simple interaction like bludgeoning someone would be a nice use.. Of course, the media would go mad, but still.

Sayburr1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Poor Rare... used to be one of the top developers, now it seems all they do is try and provide relevance to the Kinect.

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