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Submitted by Abriael 675d ago | news

Sony Promises to Listen to Fans on H1Z1′s Monetization; Will Use Same Anti-Cheat Tech As PS2

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley provided more information on the upcoming Zombie Survival Sandbox MMO H1Z1. (H1Z1, PC)

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WeAreLegion  +   675d ago
So excited for this! I enjoy Rust and Day Z, but this looks like the next evolution of this genre. I can't wait to see more about building structures. Looks fantastic!
Dumb_username  +   675d ago
Calling it the next evolution of this genre is over selling it.

Why am I getting Downvoted? You Sony fans put too much faith in all of your games but you never buy them in the end.
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WeAreLegion  +   675d ago
It's free. I'm not sure how much I need to sell it. ;)
Bathyj  +   675d ago
Xdone  +   675d ago
Oh I love dem salty tears...yummy!
Bathyj  +   675d ago
"Why am I getting Downvoted?"

Was that rhetorical?

I was giving your original comment the benefit of the doubt but your edit made me click on your profile.

I didnt have to look back through your comment history very far to see what youre all about.
MasterCornholio  +   675d ago
"you never buy them in the end."

Its a FTP game you dont buy those.
pyramidshead  +   675d ago
1 bubble? Marked for trolling. What a pointless last sentence to type. Whining about downvotes too is the bottom of the barrel complaint for a n4g. Learn to enjoy them and don't take it personally.
sic_chops  +   674d ago
Way to use your one bubble. And you seem to be a troll that has no idea what you are taking about.
showtimefolks  +   675d ago
can't wait to enjoy this
Edward75  +   675d ago
This game could turn out to be pretty good.

I like the fact that the pay parts will be helped out by the community (to some point of course).

Looking forward to giving this game a try, especially if it's like Day-z
ltachiUchiha  +   675d ago
Im a huge fan of zombies so im really looking forward more to this game then PS2. I hope u will be able to have your own crew like in DC Universe Online so u can go out together & look for things to craft or build your own town. Sounds like tons of fun. Cant wait, this should be really fun.
AutoCad  +   675d ago
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Xdone  +   675d ago
DayZ who??
MasterCornholio  +   675d ago
This is a proper MMO.

So yes it's going to be better than that MOD.
DoctorJones  +   674d ago
How do you know it's going to be better than 'that MOD'?

I'll give you the answer - You don't.
Grave  +   674d ago
^ Cuz it has vehicles day one.
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DoctorJones  +   674d ago
So does the mod Grave.
Agent_hitman  +   675d ago
Good thing this game will be release on PC..
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Xdone  +   675d ago
....And ps4.....why did you edit your previous statement btw?? ;-)
jimbobbeers  +   675d ago
PS4 is the least of their problems, you'll be waiting for quite some time, trust me. PC only for several months at least.
Fireseed  +   675d ago
Definitely want to get this on my PC!! :)
il-JumperMT  +   675d ago
Free to play AKA Pay To Win

Will try it for being free, but it will suck like all F2P Games except DOTA2. Valve knows how to make F2P and not pay to win.
Revvin  +   674d ago
"Free to play AKA Pay To Win"

Normally I'd agree with that statement but there are a few that you can play without spending a penny on and still enjoy it and be competitive and one of those titles is Planetside 2 so I have high hopes for H1Z1
Palitera  +   674d ago
I agree with jumper.

Actually, they'd release a full game if they really listened to players, not another half baked (as ALL f2p console games are) pay to progress game.

Will play it because it is for free, sure, but probably will end giving it a very low rating for all these BS 'f2p' games enforce on its design.

I'm a Sony costumer, but the fanboys are really incredible: on ANY game 'f2p sucks', but when it is done by Sony... 'Thank the Japanese gods for doing it free to play'. Ugh.
13lackDeath  +   674d ago
I actually disagree with Jumper, because if you've played PlanetSide 2 that game is very well balanced, a new player can actually kill a LvL 100 decked out $70 spent on micro-transactions pretty easily if the player is smart and uses strategy.

Plus, SoE games usually give you the opportunity to obtain those items that people deem "Pay to win", but in order to get them, you have to unlock them by playing smart and playing the objectives...and also playing the game A LOT!

I have very high hopes for this game since some of the developers from PlanetSide 2 are working on it.


And all of the items that you can purchase in most SoE games are appearance based for the most part, they have hardly any STATS increases on them to put anyone at a disadvantage/advantage.

The trick play smart, it is a FPS/TPS after all.
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Vegetarianshark  +   674d ago
Looks promising, but I'm a little skeptical. That pos WarZ cannot be forgotten and has ruined the image of this genre, I hope this turns out good.
DoctorJones  +   674d ago
Can't wait to try this out when it hits Steam.
Grave  +   674d ago
I agree. One more reason to be a gamer, instead of a fanboy.

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