Weekly PS4 Deals: Buy 2 Get 1, Battlefield 4/COD:Ghosts/FIFA 14 $39.99 Each, Preorder deals and more

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Tom871321d ago

The Last of Us for PS4. Take my money Naughty Dog.

dannygamer1321d ago

Being Xbox 360 owner and not getting the chance to play this game before. I can't believe its going to happen

edgarohickman1321d ago

Same here, I have not played it yet because I didn't own a PS3.

rhcpfan1321d ago

I played it on my PS3 and buying it again without hesitation. It's worth it.

liamn1321d ago

Purchased The Last of Us in a heartbeat. I am also downloading FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn :)

jacobvogel1321d ago

If only B2G1 deals include preorders.

GeofferyPeterson1321d ago

Buy them used. They are at least $7 bucks cheaper and good as new. Or if you love watsing your own money, don't.